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Are you venturing into the world of nudism for the first time? Or are you already a regular that just wants to brush up on the do’s and don’ts of how to behave? We’re here to help with a guide on nude beach etiquette. Generally speaking, it’s a lot of common sense, and above all, good manners but it’s always best to make sure you know the rules before baring all:

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1. Sand Everywhere

Accept that sand is going to get everywhere — and we really mean everywhere. Before leaving the beach, try to take a shower and get rid of most of the sand, or else you might be in for an uncomfortable drive or walk back to your clothing-optional accommodation. If there are no showers on the beach, take a dip in the sea and dry standing up.

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2. No Staring

You’re on a nudist beach to be at one with nature and escape prying eyes — and so is everyone else. Don’t stare at others on the beach, just relax and respect people’s privacy.

3. Avoid Sexual Activity and PDA

Most nudist beaches around the world are a natural experience, where you can swim and sunbathe freely, au naturel. If you’re with your significant other, keep public displays of affection to a minimum. It can really offend people, ruin the relaxing beach atmosphere, and it has also led to the closure of some nudist beaches in the past. So you’ll be unpopular in the nudist community for your antics. There are however some nudist beaches where anything goes. These are usually private beaches belonging to clothing-optional resorts, usually in tropical destinations such as Jamaica and Mexico.

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4. Think Before You Snap

Before you snap a photo, be really careful that others aren’t in the background. If it’s hard to get a picture without others in it, be sure to ask politely if anyone minds. Nudists are generally very friendly people and happy to chat.

5. Stay Safe

Apply sunscreen on all parts of your body throughout the day and come prepared with insect repellent too…just in case. Don’t forget that some parts of your body rarely see the light of day, so while you’re working on your tan lines (or shall we say lack of tan lines) be sure to regularly top up your sun protection.

6. Bring a Large Towel

It will make the experience that bit more comfortable, and also help with making sure you don’t get too sandy.

7. Bring a Bathing Suit

Now, this might sound like strange advice, but what happens if you hear about a beautiful cove next to the nudist beach, or there’s a beach with an amazing seafood restaurant, just a 15-minute walk away. It’s good to have a bathing suit with you as a backup plan in case you venture away from the nude beach.

By DJTaylor

8. Get Dressed Before Leaving

Make sure you’re properly dressed before leaving the beach. Even just walking to your car could cause you to offend passers-by if you’re not covered.

9. Check That You’re Definitely on a Nudist Beach

The obvious signs are other nudists…but also make sure you’ve done your research properly and are definitely on a nudist beach. Also be sure to check what the specific rules for that beach are.

By Stefano Ember

10. Come Prepared

Nudist beaches are often off the beaten track, so it’s likely they don’t have the basic amenities such as toilets and places to buy water and food. Bring enough supplies to float your day at the beach. At remote beaches, always take care when swimming in the sea as it’s likely there won’t be a lifeguard on duty.

If you’re not quite ready to bare all just yet, one of these topless beaches in France may be a better place to start your clothing-optional journey. Alternatively, nude surfingnude yoga, and even nude skiing are brilliantly liberating sports options.

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