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Yep, it’s a thing. The organized practice of yoga sans clothes is now most certifiably a thing. But hold your judgements — stretching buff in the wild is actually far more than just a trending fad for privileged Instagrammers and off-shoot nudist communities. With so many men and women in the world suffering from body shaming and issues with self-acceptance, naked yoga is a proven confidence-boosting activity. There’s something inherently stirring about being naked with others — so if you’re keen, here are the best places to stretch in the nude.

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Some Things to Consider

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Before ditching your shorts, leggings, and sports bras, it’s important to know that the world of nude yoga is as varied as that of fully-clad yoga. Many classes are safe spaces of body acceptance, but some are a bit more rough around the edges, some are giggly, and others are very serious. Be sure to do some research before diving in and finding yourself in an unanticipated situation.

Getting Undressed is the Hardest Part

Once you get over that first hump, the rest is all downhill. You’ll feel much more comfortable when everyone in the room is just as naked as you are. Think of it like ripping off a band-aid — the faster you take your clothes off, the faster it will be over with.

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You Eventually Won’t Notice You’re Naked

After you get into a flowing rhythm of breathing, stretching, and working out, the fact that your lady or man parts are hanging around will become secondary. Any casual yogi knows that a large part of yoga is the focus on being present — thinking about the poses, staying with your breath, and not worrying about the outside world. When you’re dripping in sweat and trying to hold a powerful Warrior II, insecurity is the last thing you’ll be worried about.

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Where to Go 

Naked in Motion, Boston and New York

Naked in Motion is one of the east coast’s most trusted and consistent naked yoga studios. Founded by Willow Merveille, it’s a space that was created as a “tool for developing a kinder relationship with the mind and body,” as the website suggests. Naked in Motion is inclusive and welcomes people of all ages, genders, and body types. The nudity etiquette is strict — but any trans or cis women, or anyone assigned female at birth does have the option to wear bottoms. In addition, Naked in Motion also has a bi-monthly queer-only that serves as a great space for the LGBT community. In these classes, bottoms are optional for any reason. While you’re in town, have a scroll through this quick New York City 48-Hour Itinerary for some other ideas on things to do.

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Bold & Naked, New York City

Also located in New York City in Chelsea, Bold & Naked is a naked yoga studio not for the faint of heart. Reviews note that the classes are extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding. They offer services ranging from private sessions to standard group classes and ‘yogassages.’ It’s been featured by the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and People Magazine.

Naked Yoga School, Online

For those of you that aren’t quite ready to drop trou and go Downward Dog in front of an audience, online naked yoga is a thing. With Naked Yoga School, you can enroll and watch the weekly nude sequences and follow along in the comfort of your own home. The teachers in the series will help you build confidence and security in your own body, so you can be prepared to take your nude practice elsewhere.

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Zensual Yoga, New York City

Zensual Yoga, as the name suggests, is the most sexually-oriented place on this list. It focuses on finding intimacy with yourself and others and discovering sexual confidence, among other things. They have nude yoga classes hosted around New York City, and nudity is mandatory. They also offer dance and drum classes, as well as cooking classes, some of which are done in the buff. If you’re attending with your significant other, opt for the couple’s tantric massage or enroll in one of their nude meditation seminars.

Nude Yoga, Pittsburgh

For men in the Pittsburgh area, this facebook group organizes nude yoga classes every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. It only costs $8, and you’ll need to bring your own mat. They’ve been around since 2005, and their mission statement goes as follows: “Nude yoga makes people smile.” And for some clothing-required fun in the state, here are the 9 Best Amusement Parks in PA.

Men’s Naked Yoga, Albuquerque

Another option for men in the American Southwest, this meetup group offers weekly nude yoga classes for all kinds of experience levels (yoga experience and nudist experience). The group describes itself as a group of health-conscious men who are dedicated to improving their fitness, conditioning, and inner exploration.

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Naked Yoga, Sydney

If you find yourself Down Under and looking to get into some naked yoga, Naked Yoga Sydney is your best option. Also for males only, they host classes on Sunday at 6 pm, Wednesday at 7:30, and Saturday mornings at 9:15 am. They’re big on fostering communities of camaraderie, body acceptance, and sensuality (not sexuality).

Bare Necessities, Various Locations

How would it feel to be doing yoga in the buff onboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean? That’s what’s on offer from Bare Necessities. They have nudist cruise ship routes available every year in different locations throughout the year. Take your pick from the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, and others. On most cruises, there are daily yoga classes, but be sure to confirm before booking your trip.

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