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In an increasingly image-obsessed world, it’s easy to see why nudist travel is so popular. Why not ditch the constraints of your clothes, your phone, and anything else you’re used to carrying on your body, and go au naturel on a vacation where you can feel free, liberated and at one with nature? From yoga in the buff, through to taking a dip on a private, nudist beach and socializing alongside like-minded people at a clothing optional resort, a nude vacation is a great way to unwind.

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For first-timers, it can be daunting to get into your birthday suit in front of complete strangers. Which is why we are here to help with some of the best nudist vacation destinations and resorts in the world, many of which are easy-going, friendly places for those starting out. While most nudist destinations are clothing-optional resorts (meaning it isn’t compulsory to strip) it’s generally accepted that you should bare all. At a nudist resort, everyone is in the same boat, you’re all there to enjoy yourselves and embrace your bodies in their natural states. Upon arrival, you’ll probably spend an hour or so warming up to the idea of taking off your clothes, and once you drop them altogether, you’re likely to be overcome with a feeling of liberation. You’ll realize that no one is staring at you and besides, “who cares anyway?”

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Experienced Nudists

For the experienced nudist, there’s plenty of nude resorts where you can feel instantly at home. From resorts geared towards a nature-loving experience, with stunning hiking routes through creeks and woodlands and access to private nude beaches, through to resorts with pools, sundecks, and restaurants, you’ll be able to feel the sun’s rays gently warming every part of your body.

There are also more ‘traditional’ nudist resorts which cater to families, and promote non-sexual, wholesome nudity — these are not places for swingers or sexually adventuresome visitors. ‘Adult-only’ resorts have a looser, anything-goes attitude. These resorts cater to the party animals, with some putting on wild, x-rated parties where anything goes. Singles and couples alike can attend resorts — some are couples-only and others are open to both singletons and duos. From naked karaoke, through to social rooms with round beds and giant hot tub parties, there’s plenty of activities to keep you occupied.

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Resorts Around the World

There are tons of nudist resorts around the world in all types of destinations, from exotic locations like Jamaica and Mexico, through to low-key nudist resorts across many states in the US. Choose from luxury, all-inclusive resort options, where you can sip cocktails in the buff on a white sand beach while working on your all-over-body tan, through to relaxed self-catering affairs, where you can barbecue sausages in the nude in a peaceful woodland.

Some of our top picks including a saucy vacation in Jamaica, where you really can leave your inhibitions at home. Check out Spice Things Up: Jamaica’s Top 5 Nudist Resorts for some inspiration on wild, party hotels for the adventurous naturist. Other options include relaxing resorts such as the Serendipity Nudist Park in the state of Georgia (great for first-timers) or places such as the Sunny Side North Beach in Australia, a clothing-optional beach tucked away behind the mountains. There’s really something for everyone.

Why Go?

In recent years, there’s been a boom in nudist vacations. For many, it’s an incredibly freeing feeling, waving goodbye to societies constraints and saying ‘hello’ to a natural vacation. Many people see a nudist vacation as a way of going back to our roots and embracing the body in its natural state. Being nude in public also has deep ties in history, with the Ancient Greeks being known to play sports nude during the Olympic games.

In today’s world, people come back from a nude vacation feeling even more refreshed than if they’d been a normal, clothed vacation. Plus, it adds an extra dose of fun to a vacation and it’s nice to do something a little risque. You’ll be guaranteed to have some great stories to tell your friends, as well as get to know other naturists pretty fast!

And if you’re not already convinced, think how easy it will be to pack. It’s the true meaning of traveling light. So don’t be shy — search for your ideal nudist destination here at AllTheRooms.

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  2. I have been a nudist way back to 75. I truly enjoy getting naked. Where ever I can

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