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If you’re going on vacation to Mexico, you’re going to be spoilt for choice with clothing-optional resorts. The best resorts are located on the Caribbean coast and range from steamy nudist resorts, through to relaxing destinations where you can go au naturel and truly feel at one with nature. Nudist vacations are the perfect way to create an all-over body tan and feel the sun’s rays on your skin — so don’t be shy, here are our top picks of the best nudist resorts in Mexico:

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1. Desire Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast is a great location, thanks mostly to its proximity to Cancun’s international airport where there are tons of direct flights to cities in the United States. Desire Resort & Spa is one of the most popular clothing-optional resorts in the area and is a couples-only destination. While it’s set on a picturesque white sand beach, with turquoise water and gentle breezes, its peaceful setting is deceiving. The resort is known for its raucous x-rated parties and an adult playroom with a round bed where the resort’s guests can get to know each other. The resort also has a large pool, whirlpool tub, fitness center and spa.

By Simon Dannhauer

2. Azulik, Tulum

Boasting an excellent location also near to Cancun airport, Azulik is a clothing-optional resort on a paradise-like white sand beach. Tulum is known for its hippy, free-loving crowd, so it’s no surprise you can find some of the most relaxing nudist resorts in the area. Azulik is an eco-resort with rustic accommodation and limited WiFi, so leave your phone (and clothes) at home. It’s a place to unwind and feel ‘at one’ with nature, as opposed to a place to party.

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3. Temptation Resort, Cancun

Temptation Resort describes itself as a ‘playground for grown-ups’. The resort boasts a whopping seven jacuzzis and three swimming pools and is geared for those looking to party and have fun. The main pool hosts daily games where you can interact with the other guests and in the evening you can take part in the risqué nightly entertainment. The resort is great fun for couples and singles alike and its three swimming pools have different themes and are topless-optional. Plus, there’s an on-site aphrodisiac restaurant for when you’re hungry.

By Alex Person

4. Zipolite, Oaxaca

To the Pacific coast in Oaxaca, you’ll find the gorgeous town of Zipolite. The town is known as a yoga-mecca and draws in a nature-loving, hippy crowd. The beach at Zipolite is known as nudist-friendly, with many visitors taking a dip in the sea in the nude.

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5. Punta Serena, Jalisco

Punta Serena is a clothing-optional resort on the Pacific Coast in Jalisco. The all-inclusive resort has a clothing-optional private beach where you can plunge into the sea in the buff. The resort also has a topless-optional swimming and hot tubs with stunning views across the bay of Tenacatita. Guest love the cliff-side jacuzzis and gazing at the ocean, perhaps even spotting dolphins and whales as they swim across the bay. The resort boasts a tranquil atmosphere and is for those looking to calm space to connect with nature. While you’re in Jaliso, check out the Las Animas Discover and Play tour to continue the risqué fun.


6. Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya

Hidden Beach Resort is located just a one-hour drive from Cancun. It’s an all-inclusive nudist resort where anything goes. There are plenty of activities you can take part in, all without clothes. The resort has a full nudist beach, so leave your inhibitions at home and fully unwind to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean scenery, without the constraints of clothes.

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  1. Don Anderson

    I spent two weeks, Christmas – New Year’s 1999-2000 at a clothing optional hotel in Loreto but don’t see it listed anywhere now. Did they go out of business or sell to a textile merchant?

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