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Paris is undoubtedly the first destination people think of when someone mentions France. The capital’s global influence on culture is perhaps stronger than any other city’s, but there are other very worthy places of visiting. It can be hard to think of anywhere else, although many Provinces in France have recognizable areas too. From the flower-lined canals of Alsace to the scenery of the beaches in Provence there are many to choose from. But perhaps there is no province that is more luxurious than Burgundy. Not just a name that follows Ron and precedes a question mark, Burgundy is also one of the most gorgeous areas of Europe. From spas to golf courses to wine, this French region really presents visitors with all the greatest elements of culture that France has to offer. Below we outline the best things to do in Burgundy, France that also have a touch of class.

Hit The Spa at Le Richebourg

Enjoy a wide range of luxurious spa treatments from the staff at Le Richebourg. The therapists pamper all the guests that pass through with body and facial treatments. For simpler pleasures, there are saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs to relax in. Le Richebourg itself is a highly praised four-star hotel located in the quaint village of Vosne-Romanée. Overlooking vineyards and the rolling hills of Burgundy, a stay in one of their suites is a special type of luxury reserved for the French countryside. 

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Wine Guidance Sensation Vin

Ready to consume all the wine imaginable in Burgundy? But want to do so without sounding kinda like an idiot? Then check out Sensation Vin’s wine tasting classes in Beaune. This premier winery offers an array of options to cater to any group’s wine tasting needs. Experience wine classes and wine tastings in half and full day incremants. By the end of it, anyone will be able to speak intelligently about wine, grape variety, and tastes. Find a program that fits you and enjoy authentic French wine in a 13th-century wine cellar.

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Hit the Links at Hotel Golf Chateau de Chailly

The Hotel Golf Chateau de Chailly is a true luxury getaway and definitely a golf lovers paradise. Enjoy modern spacious bedrooms encased in hundreds of years of French history as the hotel’s building dates back to the 16th century. Experience all this hotel has to offer including an outdoor pool, a magnificent 18 hole golf course, spa, and lounge. 

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Ville de Semur-en-Auxois

Claimed to be founded by Hercules, the picturesque town of Semur-en-Auxois boasts a number of interesting attractions. This expansive town is truly a sight to behold. Enjoy shopping, fine dining, and true French history. Luxury does not have to cost an arm and a leg. There is maybe no better French experience than buying a bottle of wine and a baguette for a makeshift picnic next to a canal or stream. With a view of this small town, there is nowhere better to do it. 

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Dine Le Charlemagne

Bask in the French countryside-ambiance while you enjoy a unique fusion of French-Japanese cuisine at Le Charlemagne. This trendy restaurant boasts great views and a delicious fleet of entrées. Le Charlemagne has backed its reputation up with accolades as it has been named a Michelin starred restaurant. Whether they are experienced fine diners or just splurging for one night, guests can expect an elegant night of fun.


Cruise the Route des Grand Crus

The Route des Grand Crus is also known as Burgundy’s wine highway. Stretching from Burgundy’s capital Dijon north to Santenay, the 37-mile route passes seemingly endless wineries. Although the full road may not be extremely long, it does have plenty to see. It passes 33 small towns and the huge number of vineyards is thanks to winemakers here focusing on small batch quality wine, rather than producing mass quantities. It is obviously essential to makes stop at as many wineries possible. This is the moment you have been waiting for since taking those wine tasting classes. The most popular grapes here are pinot noir for reds and Chardonnay for whites. Clos de Vougeot is easily one of the most picturesque places in the world, not just amongst wineries. Just be sure to drink responsibly if driving or have a designated driver or beter yet go full luxury and rent a driver for the day.

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Luxurious Nature

Not everything elegant and beautiful needs to be material. The nature around Burgundy proves that. The massive Morvan Regional Natural Park protects 173,000 hectares of land and provides an outdoor escape for travelers. There is a range of activities to participate in from walks through forests to white water rafting on some of Central France’s rivers. The park also has six natural history museums within its borders.


A Taste of Medieval Living

Many of Burgundy’s well-maintained cities allows visitors to step back in time and imagine what living a luxurious life in the 1500s was like. Start off by visiting Dijon’s Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. Currently, it serves as Dijon’s city hall and as an art museum but back in the day it was the seat of the Dukes of Burgundy, a former ruling class of the region. An equally remarkable architectural wonder in Burgundy is the Hôtel-Dieu Museum in Beaune. The intricately designed tiled roof looks unlike anything else. The building serves as a museum and reflects on its original purpose, a hospital for the poor. Sure that isn’t a castle for Dukes but it provides a contrast to Dijon’s pageantry to put medieval luxury into perspective.

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