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Cape Verde is an amazing vacation destination that consists of ten islands located just off the coast of West Africa. There are so many stunning beaches, it can be hard to pick where to visit. That’s why we’re here to help with seven of the best beaches in Cape Verde to give you some inspiration:

1. Santa Monica Beach, Boa Vista

Santa Monica beach on the island of Boa Vista looks like a postcard from a tropical paradise. The beach has golden sands, clear blue waters and tropical vegetation. It looks like something from the Bahamas, minus the price tag. Santa Monica draws in a crowd of honeymooning couples and has an amazing sunset. Bring a picnic and watch the sun go down!

2. Ponta do Sol, Santa Antao

Ponta do Sol Cape Verde

Ponta do Sol beach on the island of Santa Antao has striking views of Cape Verde’s rocky terrain. There are some great hikes surrounding the beach. Be sure to walk in the morning and cool down in the sea during the midday heat. The beach itself is relatively uncrowded and a great place to kick back and get some much-needed relaxation time.

3. Tarrafal Beach, Santiago

Tarrafal Beach Cape Verde

The island of Santiago is more off-the-beaten-track than Cape Verde’s other islands. Tarrafal beach is surrounded by a rocky landscape and green mountains. While it doesn’t look like a tropical paradise in the same way as some of the beaches on the other islands, it’s definitely got a gritty edge to it that makes it all the more unique. There are great hiking opportunities leading up from Tarrafal beach offering amazing views of the coastline and the surrounding islands. Cape Verde is known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture, so be sure to try some of the delicious food at the beachside restaurants. Meanwhile, if you want to take a break from the beach, head to the well-preserved cliff-top fortress of Forte Real de São Felipe.

4. Calhau Beach, Sao Vicente

Calhau Beach Cape Verde

Sao Vicente is an island that is known for its large, extinct volcano. Calhau Beach offers amazing views of the rocky terrain and volcanic landscape, with dark jagged mountains in the background. It’s a great place to do a spot of windsurfing.

5. Santa Maria Beach

The beach of Santa Maria is a beautiful bay on the sleepy fishing island of Sal. There are great places for a bite to eat. From the air, Sal looks like something out of the Star Wars, with people likening it to planet Mars, but with beaches. The beach of Santa Maria has soft white sand and deep blue waters.

6. Fogo Beach

Fogo Beach Cape Verde

Fogo beach on the island of Sao Filipe is known for its stunning black volcanic sand. Many believe that the volcanic sand has a healing effect and come to lather themselves in the sand for several hours. The dark color of the sand, sliding into a blue ocean, makes a stunning view. Be sure to bring your camera fully charged.

7. Maio Beach

Maio Beach Cape verde

Maio beach in Santana is known for its large population of loggerhead turtles, who come to nest. Be sure to time your visit properly for the nesting period, which usually runs from June and October. Hatchlings are born from mid-August to December. Ask your hotel when is the best time to see the spectacle.

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The 7 Best Beaches in Cape Verde
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