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It’s never the wrong time to plan a beach vacation, and if you’re looking for luxury all year round, then Dubai is the place to be. The modern, ever-growing city in the United Arab Emirates sits along the Persian Gulf providing endless days in the hot sun on the carefully designed islands and beaches. For some inspiration, check out the best beaches in Dubai.

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1. Sunset Beach

A free beach with stunning views? Yes, please. As the name suggests, Sunset Beach in Dubai is perfect for unobstructed views of the pinks, oranges, and purples painting the skies over the seas during the sunset. The free, public beach, also known as Umm Suqeim Beach, has incredible views of the Burj al-Arab building, as well as tons of activities. Rent a surfboard at Surf House Dubai, start a game of beach volleyball, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sea.

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2. Kite Beach

If you’re into watersports, you’ve come to the right place. Kite Beach gets its name from its popularity amongst kite surfers. The beach’s winds and waves make a great spot to try out the sport for yourself. But don’t think that’s the only activity you’ll find at Kite Beach — the beach is also home to plenty of kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, beach volleyball, and land sports, like skateboarding in the skate park nearby. The popular beach is always busy with visitors and has tons of beachside dining options, from food carts like Salt to seaside restaurants and cafes.

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3. The Beach by JBR

A public beach for Jumeirah Beach Residences, the Beach by JBR has it all. This seaside spot features long stretches of sand perfect for relaxing, and gentle waves ideal for a banana boat ride or a swim in the high seas. The beach is incredibly family-friendly, offering tons of activities on and off the water for kids and adults to enjoy. Check out the camel rides, Dubai Aqua Park, watersports, as well as boutiques, juice bars, and restaurants.

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4. Black Palace Beach

This beach has the prime spot along the water’s edge next to one of Dubai’s royal residences — Black Palace. The Black Palace Beach offers a quieter place to spend some time relaxing in the hot Emirati sun. The beach is calm and peaceful, with one of the most breathtaking sunset views in the city of Dubai. The paths and trails bring you to secluded sections of the beach, all with unique views of Burj al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah. The beach doesn’t have many restaurants or shops, meaning you’ll need to bring everything for the day out — perfect for a picnic lunch.

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5. Azure Beach

Looking for a private beach like something out of your wildest dreams? Azure Beach is a private beach club located in the midst of a public stretch of beach in Dubai’s JBR neighborhood. The beach features a luxurious swimming pool, filled with pool toys for everyone to enjoy, easy access to the world’s largest observation wheel, tons of kid-friendly games and activities, as well as plenty of space for parents to rest and relax. Azure Beach is known for its accommodating services, beachside bar, and a great spot for nightlife along the shining seas.

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6. Jumeirah Beach Park

This unique spot is a hybrid between a grassy park and a sandy beach. The free beach has restaurants and cafes, volleyball courts, picnic space for the whole family, swimming pools,  and nearly 30 acres of land for friends and family to enjoy. Jumeirah Beach Park is a very popular spot on the weekends, meaning it can fill up quickly. The park’s picnic benches and food and drink areas make it great for a party, while the jetty and beach area with lifeguards on duty are ideal for the whole family to swim.  Plus, the stunning views of the surroundings and the vibrant greens of the park with the blues of the ocean will keep you mesmerized.

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7. La Mer Beach

The newly opened beach area of La Mer is perfect for a beach vacation to Dubai. La Mer features high-class dining along the sandy golden shores, upscale theaters, tons of nightlife and entertainment, and of course, great surf spots to ride the open waves. The whole beach and neighborhood stretch for 13.4 million square feet, giving you plenty of modern streets and spaces to cool down and rest when not spending your days with your toes in the sand.

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