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The office is a nightmare these days, trumped only by the traffic you sit in on way there. The routine is grinding you down and your “need a vacation” status is crossing into the “desperately” zone. You need to get far, far away. Like Tom Hanks in “Castaway” far. Just a tropical beach, maybe a little spearfishing, Wilson etc. 

By Martin Valigursky

Fiji has always struck you as fascinating — almost mystical in a sense. The palm trees, soft white sand and crystal blue water of the South Pacific are all fine, but there’s something more. It’s the fact it’s so remote. An archipelago of small islands in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet that’s managed to stay away from the massive resorts and thick tourist crowds. It’s an escape in the truest sense.

With that to get your imagination going, we’re here with a list of the best beaches in Fiji. Maybe you won’t be stranded on these alone, but the worries of the office certainly won’t make the trip.

1. Yasawa Island

If privacy is the name of the game, Yasawa Island must be considered. The small island beach resort on Yasawa only allows 17 couples at a time as to preserve the peace and quiet. Naturally, the sand is as white as snow and the coral reefs that come up to the shore are excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling. If you need a change of pace from the beach you can always spend some time in the resort’s spa.

By ITPhoto

2. Liku Beach

Found in the Mamanuca Islands, Liku checks all the boxes, but our favorite part is the somewhat protected lagoon. It’s an easy place to swim and a set of fins, a snorkel, and a mask will be your keys to what can only be compared to an underwater garden of coral reefs and sea creatures. The angle of the beach sets you up perfectly for sunsets as well.

By Bell-Davey Photography

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3. Natadola Beach

If the isolation of the “Castaway” idea is a little much for you, look into Natadola. It’s quiet, but there are three resorts close by you can choose from. Here you can find good waves or surfing or bodyboarding, and when you’re done with the water you can hop on the back of a horse and make your way down the beach. Nothing like exploring one of the best beaches in Fiji on horseback.

By Nina Janesikova

4. Honeymoon Beach

As the name suggests, this one is perfect for couples. Located on the quiet Turtle Island, the odds you have this beach to yourself are high. The rocks that surround and frame the soft sand give it an added feeling of privacy. The best beaches in Fiji all have a somewhat private feel, but Honeymoon takes it to another level. 

By Sites Around the World

5. Tokoriki Island

What if you’re headed to Fiji with a somewhat larger crew and you don’t want the full isolation experience? Tokoriki Island has more of a resort feel with rooms lining the coast and pools that look out on the water. You can even catch a seaplane to get an aerial view of the area and the countless shades of green and blue that surround the islands below.

By bondjb

6. Horseshoe Bay

This is one of the coolest beach configurations we’ve ever seen. The natural horseshoe-shaped island creates a small bay that makes for excellent swimming. The waters are calm and you can walk the length of the horseshoe’s inner side looking for the best sandy spot to set up.

By Challenger Banks

7. Nanuya Island

We love the way the jungle meets the beach at the Nanuya Island resort. There is a rugged, yet peaceful clash between the two that makes for excellent photos and, naturally, an excellent setting for relaxing. Grab a small beach hut shaded by the palms and start your day off with a swim in the calm waters as the sun rises.

By Pawel Papis

So whether it’s the main islands at a quiet resort, or at a small private island where the beach is all yours, Fiji is truly an escape to another world. Start looking into flights!

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  1. Wow! With so many options, it’s so hard to choose just one beach. Thank you for such wonderful descriptions of each beach. Made me feel completely there. This is definitely at the top of my travel bucket list. Thanks again for a great post.

  2. Leigh Suznovich

    Went to Fiji for our honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with it. This is making me want to go back so badly!

  3. Oh wow, i have never seen a list like this before.. really awesome spots! Thank you for sharing!

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