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Japan – Land of the Rising Sun – and sushi, zen, anime and futuristic technology is on many people’s travel “bucket list.”  However, the expense of traveling to Japan stops many people from making the trip. But your dream trip isn’t beyond your budget. We’ve rounded up some of the best — and cheapest — places to stay in Japan.

Places to Stay in Tokyo

The bright lights of Tokyo city are calling! Witness life in the fast lane in one of the most bustling and vibrant cities in the world. Here you can see technology at its greatest, eat the freshest sushi and marvel at the larger-than-life neon buildings.

Japan on a budget
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1. A capsule

A stay in Japan wouldn’t be complete without spending a night in a capsule. Many hostels in Japan offer the ‘capsule experience’, which is a futuristic hostel idea featuring shared-rooms with individual pods that offer complete privacy. It also makes a great way to stay in Japan on a budget.

Stay in a your own capsule for $42 a night.

2. “Makoto’s House”

This apartment is clean, brightly-lit and features stunning minimalist architecture. Its great location is near one of Tokyo’s prime metro stations.

A room in Makoto’s apartment can be booked from $43 per night.

3. Daiwa Roynet Hotel

Great comfy beds, simple rooms and a good location make this one of the best cheap hotels in Tokyo.

Find a room in Daiwa Roynet hotel from $55.

Places to stay in Kyoto

Japan on a budget
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Be sure to include a visit to Kyoto during your trip. Visit the city’s tranquil temples, feel rejuvenated amongst bamboo forests and gaze in awe as Geishas sit beneath trees. If you’re looking to stay in Japan on a budget, we have all the options for you. Here are our top picks

1. The Prime Pod Kyoto

This newly opened pod-hostel is a great option if you’re traveling on a budget. Cute capsules offer everything you need, with a comfortable bed-for-one, charging sockets and your very own TV. What more do you need?

Book your own pod from $43.

2. Coco Wa House

Set in an 100-year-old Japanese house, this Airbnb guest house makes a great option for your stay in Kyoto. It’s right by the main station and features simple, clean rooms.

Book your own private room at Coco Wa house from $42 a night

Places to stay in Osaka

Japan on a budget
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Osaka is one of Japan’s most popular destinations. The city, which is a large port on an island, has buzzing nightlife, futuristic architecture and a stunning 16th-century castle. Visit in Spring when the city’s trees are bursting with cherry blossoms.

1. Osaka Fuku Hostel

Located in a prime-downtown spot near some of the best bars and restaurants, this simple hostel has big rooms, comfy beds and great reviews.

Stay in Osaka Fuku Hostel from $31 a night.

2. Japanese Tatami Room

Stay in the newly renovated Japanese tatami room and be right near all of the Osaka’s main tourist attractions. The tatami room is simple, with folded wall-partings.

Rent your own room from $30 a night.

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8 Best Places to Stay in Japan on a Budget: Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka
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