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London’s striking old Gothic grandeur mixed with modern glass towers is an obvious testament to the city’s history and future as a travel destination. Aside from the physical architecture, the English capital also has some of the finest parks in the world, perfect for marking territory, terrorizing ducks, and sniffing new friends’ backsides.

So for everyone looking for an ideal getaway with your pooch, or feline companion, London is calling. Amongst the many boroughs lurks, literally, hundreds of thousands of home and vacation rentals in London ready to welcome visitors and their four-legged partners. If you’re looking for a home-from-home with your furry friend, you’re in luck. Utilizing AllTheRooms’ unique data insights, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best areas to find a pet-friendly Airbnb in London.

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1. City of Westminster

The area of London known as the City of Westminster, which holds both borough and city status, takes the title of the pet-friendliest spot in England, as it has over 15,000 more listings than the next closest competitor. The 53,366 Airbnbs that welcome pets in Westminister are perfectly located, being in the same borough as must-see tourist destinations like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. ( While the average price here will often increase because of the convenient location, Westminister is the ideal spot for tourists and their animals. Also, Westminister is home to the enormous St James Park and Hyde Park, so your pets will surely be grateful for the extra walkies space.

Accommodation Suggestion: This beautiful modern studio flat in St John’s Wood.

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2. Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Known as one of the wealthiest boroughs in London because of its high-flying residents, Kensington and Chelsea is more diverse than some give it credit for, being the location of the colorful and trendy Notting Hill. With nearly 38,000 rental options, Kensington and Chelsea is responsible for nearly 13% of all pet-friendly rentals in the top 10.

Accommodation Suggestion: This huge room in the heart of Old Chelsea near the river.

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3. West End

With 36,727 pet-friendly Airbnb rentals, London’s West End rounds out the top three with 2,500 listings over number four. The West End technically covers the boroughs of Camden and Westminster as well, but the area retains an individual identity. Known for its shops and restaurants, the West End is also the location of the city’s theater district, just be sure not to bring your mutt to the next rendition of Cats, things might get out of hand.

Accommodation Suggestion: This entire apartment in Mayfair, Central London, close to St. James Park and the city airport.


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4. Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets in East London is the second-most densely populated English district, so then it’s perhaps no surprise that the area has upwards of 34,250 Airbnb homestays for pets. Get your pups pumped about this one — there’s a part of Tower Hamlets known as the Isle of Dogs. Although the origin of the name is disputed, it has to be a good place to visit with your hound.

Accommodation Suggestion: This Rockwell East-Tower Bridge aparthotel, conveniently located for all types of walks.

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5. The City of London

Another area that’s not technically a borough, The City of London is the heart of London and offers many opportunities for a stroll with your better half, aka your dog, including across landmarks like the London Bridge. The City of London is the last area on the list to have over 30,000 pet-friendly listings.

Accommodation Suggestion: This city center apartment, close to cafes, restaurants, and pubs if you and your pal need a drink!

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6. Camden

One of the most tourist-friendly areas of London is also one of the most pet-friendly. Wander the historic streets in Covent Garden, packed with shops and restaurants, then head to the edgy Camden Market — both have areas that are accessible by leash. For Harry Potter fans, King’s Cross Station is in Camden and is perfect for a photo of you and your pet at Platform 9 ¾, posing and looking ready to gallivant your way to Hogwarts.

Accommodation Suggestion: These cozy apartments only a 3-minute walk from the market.

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7. Hammersmith and Fulham

According to AllTheRooms data, the drop in listings from #6 Camden, with 27,550, to #7 Hammersmith and Fulham’s 20,147 represents one of the largest fluctuations in the top 10. Football fans will appreciate a stay in Hammersmith and Fulham though, as it’s the only London borough to host three historic football clubs Chelsea, Fulham, and QPR. While the average tourist dog won’t be allowed to run the pitches at Stamford Bridge or Craven Cottage, perhaps it will get their owners inspired for a trip to a park with a ball.

Accommodation Suggestion: This Hammersmith apartment complete with a kitchenette for rustling up treats.

By Barratt Homes

8. Islington

Walking distance from Camden, Islington, by population is the densest district in all of England. Despite this fact, the borough still has about 1 pet-friendly Airbnb per 10 residents in Islington — meaning your extra member is bound to find fellow pets to play with.

Accommodation Suggestion: This guesthouse with a shared lounge and close to King’s Cross Theatre.

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9. Hackney

An excellent choice for morning walks for human/animal duos, Hackney has many pedestrian walkways along the New River and its canals. Hackney is still very close to tourist attractions but many of the 19,297 Airbnb rentals approved for pet stays may have a bit more of a suburban feel.

Accommodation Suggestion: This charming room in a modern flat.

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10. Southwark

Rounding out our top 10 areas of London to find pet-friendly Airbnbs is the borough of Southbark… we mean Southwark. Southwark has riverfront borders on the Thames River with tourist attractions like the Tower Bridge and the recognizable Shard building. Of the almost 300,000 pet-friendly London Airbnbs in the top 10, Southwark has almost 18,000 of them.

Accommodation Suggestion: This Central London Double Bedroom nearby to local transportation.

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The top 10 finishes up with areas of the city that all fall into the Inner London geographic, proving, unsurprisingly, that Airbnbs catering to travelers and their animals are easier to find in the higher populated districts close to tourist destinations.

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