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This article was written by ATR guest writer Melanie Miksis

When you think “beach getaway,” Germany may not be the first destination that comes to mind. Who could blame you with its internationally renowned Christmas Markets and snow-kissed castles? Surprisingly, you’ll soon find that the Western European country has much more to offer along its beaches overlooking the North or Baltic Seas. So apply your sunscreen and throw on your lederhosen (or maybe just stick to the sunscreen) and continue reading to discover the best beaches in Germany.


Sassnitz beaches in germany

Located on the island of Rügen, Sassnitz lies in the Jasmund Peninsula less than an hour’s car ride from mainland Deutschland. Thanks to erosion and tectonic plate shifting, Sassnitz has striking white chalk cliffs that surround the beach side of Jasmund National Park. This natural reserve contains a variety of plants, such as black alder, orchids and European crab apple. The birdwatching is also excellent. Peregrine falcon, white-tailed eagle and kingfishers patrol the skies. With its temperate climate, luxury resorts, and untouched wildlife, it’s no wonder this hot spot brings in visitors all year round.  


Sylt beaches in germany

Further North lies “Queen of the North Sea”, formally known as Sylt. The island offers endless outdoor activities in Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. After an action-packed day in the park or partaking in water sports such as kite, wind or regular surfing on the beach, Sylt’s restaurants satisfy every visitor’s craving, serving up only the freshest and highest quality cuisines. Lucky for us, the natural beauty Sylt has to offer is here to stay, as nearly 50% of the island is protected as a reserve.

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Best beaches in germany Warnemünde

Another Baltic Sea Beach you won’t want to miss, Warnemünde, invites all of those who appreciate a lengthy beachfront and active marina. Established as a port in the early 13th century, the village has a long history of leaning on fishing not only as the centerpiece of its economy but of its culture as well. You can imagine this passion translates over into the local cuisines. A breaded herring dish called Fischbrötchen is the local favorite.

Whether it’s kitesurfing, swimming or merely relaxing on the sand, the beaches in the north of Germany will not disappoint you. Regardless of the season, with these wonderful destinations, you can’t go wrong. Although, if you are looking to get your tan on, the best time to pay a visit would be between July and August. Now that you’ve uncovered the hidden beach gems of Germany, what’s stopping you? All that’s left to do is find accommodations with help from AllTheRooms. Happy travels!

Best Beaches in Germany
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