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Oman is one of the Middle East’s best-kept secrets and is still largely off the beaten track for tourists, which makes it all the more beautiful. The country has miles upon miles of golden, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and striking mountains. There are over 1,700 kilometers of coastline so if you’re heading to Oman, it’s definitely worth incorporating some of its stunning beaches into your trip. From flamingo spotting through to relaxing on white sandy beaches, we’ve rounded up the seven best beaches in Oman.

1. Khalouf Beach

best beaches in oman

Khalouf Beach lies to the south of the Muscat, which is Oman’s capital. Most of the time the beach is almost deserted, with tourists and locals alike heading to beaches in the north. Khalouf beach’s unique selling point is its large sand dunes that you can play in. If you’re into wildlife you can also do a lot of animal-spotting, as the beach gets regular visits from flamingos and eagles. It also has a very local vibe to it, with fishermen lining the shore and only a few locals taking a dip.

2. Al Qurum

best beaches in oman

Not many capital cities in the world can boast beautiful beaches, but Muscat is an exception. Al Qurum beach might just be the city’s best. It’s a stunning golden beach with a great restaurant and hotel culture nearby. The beach can get busy on weekends and public holidays, so try to go during the week if you can.

3. Mughsayl Beach

beaches in oman

Mughsayl Beach is a hidden gem located in southern Oman. Despite its location, the beach has a distinctly Caribbean vibe to it, with coconut groves, banana trees, and a laid-back, sleepy atmosphere. If you circle the beach you can check out the rocky cliffs. The combination of dramatic cliffs and Caribbean-like aesthetics makes this beach a unique place to visit .

4. Tiwi Beach

beaches in oman

Tiwi Beach features some of the most brilliantly blue waters in Oman. The beach has white sands and natural rock pools. Some of the rock pools are large enough for you to swim in, so if you’re looking for a break from the sea, you can cool off in the calm waters of a pool. Tiwi beach is also a great place to snorkel and you can see stingrays, sea snakes and batfish.

5. Ras al Hadd

best beaches in oman

Ras al Hadd, in eastern Oman, is best known for its green turtles. The beach is in a reserve where you can see baby turtle hatching in the morning. Be sure to arrive early, at around 3:30 am to witness the spectacle.

6. Masirah Island

beaches in oman

The beaches on Masirah Island are truly breathtaking. Ths islands lie to the east of Oman and they have white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. There are several different beaches that you can visit, including Surf Beach, where you can do a bit of surfing. Masirah Island is also known as a host to all four of Oman’s nesting species of turtles, including the rare olive ridley turtles.

7. Khasab Port

Khasab is a port in northern Oman. There’s a fort that has stone turrets and a museum showcasing some of the area’s most interesting archaeological finds. The water is emerald green and you can take a dip at Bassa beach, which is a short walk from the ferry terminal in Khasab.


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The 7 Best Beaches in Oman
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