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Once in Seychelles a person could realistically walk in any direction and end up at an absolute world-class beach. Although considering Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, a little guidance could be useful. Located off the Eastern Coast of Africa, amid the Indian Ocean, somewhat near to the equator, Seychelles is the smallest of all independent nations on the continent. Having only gained its independence from Great Britain in 1976, the culture is heavily influenced by its colonial history courtesy of both the Queen, as well as an earlier French occupation. Nowadays, the island nation enjoys a dominant Creole population and a successful tourism market. For those wishing to contribute to the economy and take a dip in the crystal clear waters, go ahead and stroll through our favorite Seychellois beaches.

By Jag_cz

Anse Cocos

Potentially known to many as “That picture of a beach on the background of my computer that maybe I could go to someday. Gee, that’d be great”, Anse Cocos is a ridiculously beautiful beach with fine white sand and a bay marked by granite boulders. While it may not be the best beach for swimming due to its rip currents, it’s good news for Instagram posters, as there won’t be any pint-sized boogie boarders washed up on the shore.

By Filip Fuxa

Grand Anse and Petite Anse

Not surprisingly located adjacent to each other, separated only by a 15-minute trek, on the east side of La Digue, Grand Anse and Petite Anse have large beaches that expose sandbanks at low tides. The peaceful beaches lend themselves nicely to beach games and calm tanning, but if the sun becomes too extreme, many driftwood huts can be found on the edges of the beach as a respite.

By Filip Fuxa

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Anse Georgette

Considered one of the few truly untouched beaches in Seychelles, Anse Georgette is known for its small, secluded feel plus picturesque palm trees. It quickly becomes a favorite by most people who visit. The waters offer breathtaking snorkeling thanks to colorful fish and equipment for the sport is available at the nearby Lemuria Resort. Photographers also relish the opportunity to travel to Anse Georgette, as there’s an accessible hill that after a small hike reveals a panoramic view of the beach.

By Ciurtin Ramona Georgiana

Anse Lazio

Another famous beach on Praslin Island is Anse Lazio, a beach so remarkable it was named the sixth best beach in the world in 2015. Optimal swimming conditions, on-duty lifeguards, and easy accessibility via car means visitors must be willing to sacrifice some seclusion for convenience, as the beach will fill up starting around nine in the morning.

By Filip Fuxa

Anse Kerlan

Visit this beach while you can! Unfortunately, Seychelles is heavily affected by the changing climate and the sea is rapidly consuming beaches. The erosion caused by the encroaching waters is hitting Anse Kerlan harder than most places on Praslin Island. For those who do find themselves on the less-frequented shore can find bigger waves than in most parts of Seychelles, making this a popular windsurfing destination.

By Thomas Amler

Anse Boudin

While Anse Boudin may not be one of the better-known Seychellois beaches in the world, it is perhaps one of the most frequented by locals. Those who visit can witness real culture as Boudin serves as the launch point for many native fishermen and often a sandy pitch for local soccer players. Thanks to the proximity to the fishing culture, there are a couple of restaurants nearby that serve excellent, fresh seafood.

By Filip Fuxa

Beau Vallon

In contrast to Anse Boudin, Beau Vallon may be the most visited, and/or, famous beach in Seychelles. Located on the capital island of Mahé, the bay that makes up Beau Vallon is a paradise for both tourists and locals alike. Because of the high traffic of people, there are ample rental and activity opportunities including parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, relaxed waves for beginner surfers, and a coral reef for snorkelers and scuba divers. After a day of fun, Beau Vallon is also a great place to watch the sunset as the colors of the evening share the horizon with catamarans and other sailboats resting in the harbor.

By LRPhotographies

Anse Source D’Argent

Another screensaver-worthy beach is Anse Source D’Argent of the La Digue Islands. Known as perhaps the most photographed beach in Seychelles, it gained fame as a shooting location for movies like Castaway and Crusoe. The flawless golden sands, clear waters revealing underwater reefs, and rippled boulders all lend a perfect blend of color and clashing elements that make its beauty obvious. Getting the perfect picture could be a challenge though as there are consistent tourist wanderers and competition from the tides occasionally covering the beach.

By Filip Fuxa

Anse Intendance

Another beach to check out on Mahé is Anse Intendance. Much of the natural foliage of the beach has been untouched thus making it wild and a great treat to the eyes. In fact, the only real signs of human interference are a nearby resort and a small beach bar where a traveler can fully embrace the beach life with some rum in a coconut. Cheers!

By haveseen
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