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Looking for a European getaway and a relaxing beach vacation? Spain! From the cities to the coasts to the islands off the country’s shores, Spain has everything you need for an ultimate vacation. Spain’s coasts and islands are filled with some of the world’s best beaches, both big and small, both calm and exciting, giving you plenty of options to find just what you’re looking for. Find the perfect vacation on our list of the best beaches in Spain.

Playa de Langre

A perfect spot for surfers or those looking to enjoy the large waves, Playa de Langre sits on Spain’s northern coast, in the Cantabria province. The soft, golden sand beach is closed on two sides by cliffs that you can hike up. The isolated, rugged beach is perfect for those looking to get away from it all and enjoy Spain’s natural beauty and adventure.

Playa de Langre Spain

Playa del Ingles

The crowds of people must mean this Gran Canaria beach is one of the best Spain has to offer. The beach is perfect for relaxing on the gold sand, exploring the sand dunes at Maspalomas, or enjoying the jet-skiing, windsurfing, or scuba diving that the beach has to offer. Playa del Ingles is your go-to luxury beach vacation, with countless resorts, high-end restaurants, and an exciting nightlife.

Playa del Ingles Spain

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Cala Mesquida

Another island beach, Cala Mesquida, near the town of Capdepera, sits on Mallorca’s northeastern shore, nestled amongst pale sand dunes and a line of pine trees making up the background. The clear and usually calm waters of Cala Mesquida make it an obvious go-to destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. It’s also quite peaceful and those who just want to stay in the sand and escape from the world for a while will be content.

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Cala Mesquida Spain

Playa Blanca

We just can’t get enough of Spain’s Canary Islands. Playa Blanca, on Lanzarote Island, is a five-mile-long beach full of small, calming, gentle waves and soft sand. Playa Blanca has received awards for its cleanliness and is always considered a safe choice for families looking for safe swimming. The town around Playa Blanca is full of excellent nightlife and restaurants options.

Spain Playa Blanca

Illas Cies

Also called the “Galician Caribbean”, Illas Cies sits off the coast of Vigo in Galicia. The three islands are only accessible by boat from Vigo, adding to the magic of the beach. Rodas Beach is one option and its white sand and lagoon access make it a great spot for relaxing, swimming, hiking, or camping out overnight. The islands are a designated nature reserve, so camping out does require a ticket. But what could be more peaceful than spending a night truly immersed in nature as you fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves?

Illas Cies Spain

Playa de Bolonia

Playa de Bolonia, on the southern tip of Spain, is Tarifa’s hidden gem of a beach. The beach’s town, the sleepy fishing village of Bolonia, is not a normal tourist hotspot, giving your beach vacation a little bit more isolation. Playa de Bolonia is a bit more rugged than some of the other beaches, with a few rocky coves and relative seclusion, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its perks. Its golden sand and slow pace of life give it a unique spot as one of the most authentic Spanish beaches in Spain. Plus, the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudio sit just walking distance from the water’s edge.

Spain Playa de Bolonia

La Concha

This beach in Northern Spain is one of the last beaches you hit before you reach France. La Concha, in the city of San Sebastian, is one of Spain’s more popular city-based getaways. If isolation isn’t your thing, this beach is perfect for you. La Concha is a go-to for travelers and Spaniards alike. The area around the beach is a party spot, with plenty of bars and nightlife, as well as restaurants and hotels. If you need a break from the fast pace of the city beach, Santa Clara Island is just a boat ride away in La Concha bay.

La Concha Spain


On the other side of the country, just north of Barcelona, is Catalonia’s isolated Tamariu beach. The beach is full of little coves and gentle waves. It’s also generally free of the hustle and bustle of the larger city and party beaches. Tamariu is ideal for kayaking, diving, or snorkeling, while the nearby boardwalk area is ideal to relax with a cup of coffee with the ocean as your background. Tamariu’s quiet pace and small-town atmosphere make it ideal for a family vacation.

Tamariu Spain beach

Cala Mastella

Of course, you know Ibiza, and we just couldn’t keep it off our list. This is Spain’s top party spot and top vacation spots. While the city is exciting, the area around Ibiza is also home to some hidden beaches. On the northern side of the island is Cala Mastella, where tree-lined shores are just the peace and quiet you need to relax at the beach. Plus the snorkeling here is the best you’ll find.

Cala Mastella Spain

As Catedrais

Also known as Las Catedrales, or in English “The Cathedrals”, this Galician beach in Northern Spain is marked by the clear blue waters, pale white sand, and large rocky archways letting you walk between the water and the land. These rocky “cathedrals” give the place a sense of uniqueness from all of the other Spanish beaches, making it arguably the most beautiful in the country. Just watch out for high tide. It swallows up the cliffs entirely!

As Catedrais Spain

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