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Glamping has quickly become a very popular vacation trend. Standing as a fun alternative to camping’s “roughing it” mentality and the uniformity of hotel experiences, glamping is a happy middle ground. While it may have caught on in the United States, especially in the West, glamping is still picking up steam in other parts of the world. However, with natural diversity ranging from Colombia’s Caribbean coast to Chile’s high Northern desert, is there a continent more suited to glamping? We think not. Here are a few of the best glamping spots in South America:

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While nearly all the tourists in Brazil flock to the beaches and harbor of Rio, passionate glampers can spend time in the country’s less-explored regions. With jungles and quiet beaches making up much of Brazil’s landscape, there are plenty of great places to go glamping.

Beachfront Bell Tents – Fortaleza

Ideal for beach lovers, this oasis has a cluster of bell tents all of which open up onto the white sands of the Brazilian coastline. Guests can spend their days lounging in the sun on the beach or taking a dip in the lagoon just removed from the sea.

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Eco-Friendly Treehouse – Paraty

Easily one of the most underrated beach/natural areas of Brazil is the lands surrounding the colonial village of Paraty. It may be in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, but this place feels worlds away from any big city. The treehouse is perched high up in the canopy of the tropical forest. From this vantage point, guests can enjoy sea views in the distance while freshening up under the outdoor shower.

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Open Air Treehouse in Brazilian Rainforest

If there ever was a five-star, designer treehouse, this would be it. Complete with a full kitchen, hardwood floors, and chic furniture, the treehouse accommodation spares no luxury (except maybe walls but we prefer it without them). And for anyone who is sick of the sights and sounds of the rainforest, the treehouse is outfitted with a speaker system, HDTV projector screen, and a private pool.

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Adventure Safari Tents – Sao Francisco de Paula

While they may be called tents, these accommodations are pretty structurally complete and include floor-to-ceiling windows and electricity. The glamping “resort” is incredibly remote but is situated on its own lake. Kayaking and swimming are popular ways to pass the time here. The property is also surrounded by trails perfect for hiking, horseback riding, or ATVing.

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Thanks to newfound safety in its cities and a reputation for lively culture, the word on Colombia has gotten out. Close to popular destinations like Medellín and Cartagena, locals are taking advantage of the country’s stunning beauty and are opening glamping destinations like these.

Private Island Rental – Cartagena

Glamping with an emphasis on the ‘glam’. It’s hard to beat the idea of having a personal home rental on a private island in the Caribbean. The island may not be big but it is 100% yours and incredibly beautiful. The island is surrounded by reef so going snorkeling is as easy as jumping off the deck. Guests are also given access to a speedboat (and its captain) so they can island-hop throughout their stay.

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Refurbished Container – Bogotá

Also a pick for our favorite recycled accommodations, this container vacation space is a good spot to get a feel for the Colombian countryside. It is also a romantic place to watch the sunset over the reservoir that is just steps from the room’s balcony.

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Glamping Dome with Lake Views – Guatape

Guatape is a town outside of Medellín built on a sprawling human-made lake. On one of the lake’s many tendrils sits this amazing dome. Complete with stunning views and access to an exclusive dock, visitors can either veg out on their orthopedic bed or go wakeboarding on the water, or maybe a bit of both.

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It may be fairly unsurprising that a country that boasts Machu Picchu has natural beauty in steady supply. Nonetheless, a few photos of said beauty is always a nice reminder.

Luxury Camping Domes – Cusco

These ten domes rest on a grass plain amongst slopping hills of pine to create a very scenic atmosphere. While their color and shape give them the look of turtle shells from above, the best feature is their location. The glamping site is just off a trail that leads directly to Machu Picchu.

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Huge Tree House in the Amazon – Iquitos

This home is perfect for anyone who has dreamed of the Amazon Rainforest, or for those who thought that the Swiss Family Robinson had a sort chic vibe going for them. Located on 350 acres of protected land amongst the Amazon Rainforest, the home is a great launch pad for exploring the forest or taking a boat out on the nearby Marañón River.

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Chile, South America’s safest and maybe most ecologically diverse country is a perfect place to glamp. From the Northern deserts down to the stunning trails of Patagonia, only a handful of countries are able to offer the quality views that Chile has.

Eco-Dome – Torres del Paine

There are few accommodations anywhere, much less glamping spots, that are in a more iconic location. These domes sit, quite literally, in the shadows of the gorgeous mountain range that make Torres del Paine a world-famous national park. Visitors here also have the chance to opt into adventure itineraries. These include bike rides to lakes, kayaking trips around glaciers, trekking up mountains, or horseback riding amongst the splendor of the Patagonian wild.

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Between temperate seasons and taking into account its miles of coastline, Argentina can, at times, be an underrated outdoors destination. However, our pick utilizes nature in a unique way.

Stilted Pod – Mendoza

While we’ve mostly focused on unbridled nature set amongst sublime backdrops, our favorite glamping spot in Argentina takes a different approach. The fabulous location and the surrounding nature have been sculpted by humans to produce something rather tasty… wine! Enjoying a Malbec that was produced right outside the front door of the sleek pod is a fun, tranquil, potentially romantic experience for traveling glampers.

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