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There are a few key characteristics of a good solo traveler destination. First is safety. A solo traveler, whether male or female, is inherently more vulnerable when exploring. Second is popularity with other travelers. A solo traveler is likely to want to meet other travelers along the way, so going to a more popular destination is a better bet. Finally, the activities factor is critical. Sitting on the beach probably won’t cut it for the solo traveler. That’s for family and friend getaways. He or she needs hikes, kayaking trips, museums, surfing, skiing etc. Solo travelers can get bored when there aren’t enough activities so the destination has to really bring it in the adventure factor. Here’s a look at the best places to travel alone.

New Zealand

Adventurers from around the world flock to New Zealand. Whether it’s bungee jumping, skydiving or hiking through the same mountains featured in the Lord of the Rings movies, adventure travelers want for nothing with the Kiwis. Mix that with the relatively few safety concerns and you have the perfect solo traveler destination.

By Henry McIntosh

Costa Rica

From surfing on the west coast to hiking through some of the most ecologically diverse forests in the world, it’s easy to stay entertained in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans are known for being friendly and the country’s reputation as an adventurer destination will mean you’ll meet plenty of friends along the way.

By Berti Benbanaste

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While it might not be as adrenaline-pumping as Costa Rica or New Zealand, Austria offers plenty of low-key adventure for the solo traveler. It’s small and easily navigable thanks to an excellent train system. And for museum-lovers and architecture nuts, it’s perfect. If you need something a little more physical, the Alps are within striking distance for world-class skiing.

By Joss Woodhead


Sometimes solo travel is about walking the streets and just taking it all in. Few places will entertain the solo traveler’s imagination like Cuba. Rusted classic cars, brightly painted buildings and plenty of lively neighborhood activity make wandering the streets an adventure on its own. The island’s history and food deserve plenty of attention, too.

By Persnickety Prints


The country is vast and the island-hopping exploring strategy is ideal for the curious solo traveler. If one area gets boring, the next will bring new adventures and challenges. Bali is the number one destination for solo Western travelers so if the lifestyle gets lonely, you’ll be sure to meet some like-minded folks in Bali.

By Austin Ban
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