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If you can describe yourself as a millennial, chances are you love to travel. While travel normally always runs smoothly, there can be bumps along the way, and that’s where travel insurance comes in. Whether you’re on a budget, or willing to splash out to protect your expensive MacBook or camera equipment, there are plenty of great options for keeping you covered while abroad.

There are tons of excellent policies that are suitable for travelers moving between countries; and whether you need emergency medical treatment, have a hole in your pocket after your money and passport have been stolen, or you have trip delays and cancellations, travel insurance is truly priceless. According to research, up to 40 percent of millennials don’t buy travel insurance, and we think that’s a huge mistake! Here are the best travel insurance policies for millennials, from policies that cover flexible travel plans, through to policies for digital nomads:

By Andrea Vincenzo


SafetyWing Medical Insurance is a great policy for digital nomads and remote workers. Almost anyone from any country in the world can book travel insurance with SafetyWing (with exception to citizens of Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.) With SafetyWing, you can buy your insurance before or after you leave for your trip — which is something very few travel insurance companies offer. SafetyWing provides coverage for unexpected illness or injury, including relevant expenses for hospitals, doctors, and medicines.

By Jack Young

World Nomads

World Nomads is easily one of the most popular travel insurance companies for travelers and digital nomads alike. Their policies feature different ranges of coverage, and were designed by digital nomads for digital nomads. Travelers with them are covered across more than 130 countries, there’s 24-hour assistance, and World Nomads comes recommended by Lonely Planet — so it’s easy to see why they are such a popular choice. World Nomads supports flexibility, and you can even buy and extend your policy when you’re abroad — something the majority of travel companies do not allow. Their policies are designed for adventurous travelers and offer cover for medical treatment, lost baggage, theft, over 150 adventure sports and activities, and much more. 

By Davis Marcu

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Allianz Care

Allianz Care insurance offers some of the best travel coverage, and it’s one of the easier travel insurance sites to navigate, making buying travel insurance simple. Once you’ve picked a level of coverage, which ranges from basic/standard to premium, if you do need to make a claim, it’s a smooth process to send in receipts and submit a request. Allianz also offers expat health insurance for those living and working abroad.

Generali Global Assistance

Another popular option is Generali Global Assistance, which is known for its straight-forward coverage plans. The option most popular with millennials is ‘standard coverage’, which is budget-friendly and offers basic insurance for trip cancellation, baggage delay, medical coverage, and up to $1000 USD of coverage for your personal items.

To prepare yourself for your time abroad, here’s how to stay safe while traveling or while on the road.

By Cynthia del Rio

Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct’s Globe Trotter policy is the perfect option for those looking to explore the world with a flexible travel insurance policy. Columbus offers a range of plans at competitive prices, with the best being their backpacker insurance, or Globe Trotter policy, which can last for up to 365 days and offers coverage for trips that are longer than 60 consecutive days. The policy includes emergency medical treatment, loss of luggage and personal items, alongside tons of sports and activities. You can also add on insurance for higher risk activities for a small extra cost.


If you’re not too worried about your personal belongings, but just want to be covered for a medical emergency, check out Cigna’s international health insurance policy. It’s a great policy especially for digital nomads who are moving to a new country and want to make sure they’re covered for a medical emergency. With Cigna, you can build tailored plans, and there’s a global network of over one million hospitals, clinics, and doctors on their books, making you feel like you’re in good hands. General plans include essential hospital stays and treatments, surgeons and specialist consultations, hospital accommodation, mental health care — and you’ll also be covered you for up to 90 days back home when you want to visit.

By Rathish Gandhi


Admiral’s backpacker insurance economy option offers coverage of cancellation and curtailment up to £1,000 (around $1,300 USD), personal luggage up to £2,000 ($2,600 USD) and personal money up to £300 ($390 USD). And if you haven’t already been persuaded, Admiral’s own infographic about the potential cost of getting sick abroad might convince you to buy insurance ASAP!

Seven Corners

Seven Corners are best known for their “RoundTrip” option that’s great for those looking for medical insurance and to be covered if they need to go back home, otherwise known as ‘trip interruption’.  The economic RoundTrip option offers high medical coverage of up to $100,000 for repatriation and lost or stolen baggage coverage of up to $500. There’s also trip interruption coverage of up 100 percent of the unused portion of your trip.

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