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Wheels up! Why change hotels every night as you travel when you can bring your accommodations with you? The world is your oyster when you travel by RV. That’s why we found the best websites for RV rentals all over the world.


IndieCampers gets our pick for the best RV rental service in Europe. IndieCampers provides the least amount of stress because of their reach across the continent. Their presence in 15 countries in over 50 locations means absolute freedom while planning a European road trip. Theoretically, someone could pick up their van in Glasgow, Scotland and drop it off in Split, Croatia or pick up in Faro, Portugal and drop off in Hamburg, Germany. The combinations go on and on. Their rental options stretch from true motor homes to VW buses, the original road trippers. All of the nine different vehicles come with unlimited miles (or kilometers in this neck of the woods). In addition to beds, living areas, and kitchens some of their fleet come with showers and toilets also.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price



Covering the United States, Australia, and Europe, Campada has an inventory of 26,000 vehicles for travelers to choose from. Bonus, while they are a peer-to-peer platform, they also have a best price guarantee on their rentals.


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Cruise America

With scenes of National Parks and The American West printed on their flanks, Cruise America’s fleet may be the most recognizable RV rental service on the road. Anyone who has hit the US’s highways for an extended drive has seen one. With four different rental sizes, Cruise America has options for every kind of RV experience. The largest can accommodate up to seven people, while the smallest option is great for a couple on a budget. With a “pay by the mile” strategy Cruise America also often does promotions where if a user books on their website by a certain date they get the first few hundred miles for free. Cruise America also has a Canadian affiliate known as Cruise Canada for all the Canucks looking to do some road tripping.

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Previously, Yescapa is a motorhome rental platform that connects owners to renters. They have recently expanded across Europe and have an easy four-step process for renting out your camper van.

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A peer-to-peer RV share platform, RVshare offers a unique trip planner for travelers. The website is based in the United States and offers an entire blog of RV tips, suggestions, and checklists.



Perfect for the Australian traveler, Camplify is known as the “Airbnb for Caravans”. They even offer a community membership when you sign up, so travelers can chat and meet other travelers.


An Australian peer-to-peer platform, travelers can travel inexpensively on the road while caravan-owners can cut the cost of ownership by renting it out when they’re not using it. It’s a win-win.


CampEasy Iceland

The presence of the Ring Road makes road tripping in Iceland an awesome adventure. The highway that circumnavigates the island usually takes about seven to ten days to complete. It can be done in about 24 hours straight but travelers usually take more time to explore the sites along the way.

This “van life” has taken hold in Iceland has become popular amongst backpackers. CampEasy presents the most organized and established option for renting an RV or van for traveling in the country. All of their eight options come with sleeping space as well as a makeshift kitchen of some kind. While for a long time Iceland allowed for anyone to pull over on the Ring Road to stop driving for the night, but with the increase in road trips, RVs and vans must park for the night in designated camping areas. But don’t worry, with the right timing the Northern Lights will still be visible.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price



With starting points in New Zealand, Germany, and Australia, SHAREaCAMPER makes for a perfect road trip. Bonus: the site makes it easy to connect with the owner for local knowledge.


Direct competition to RVShare, Outdoorsy’s business model essentially makes it the Airbnb of RV rentals. This means that those who want to rent an RV rent a vehicle owned by another person, not a business. The outlook and mission statement of the company makes sense because Outdoorsy claims that 12% of all households in the US own an RV. Perhaps even more surprisingly, on average these privately owned RVs sit unused for an average of 11.5 months per year. If a company like Outdoorsy makes it big and RV owners can make money when they are not using their vehicles, the entire market could see huge benefits. Outdoorsy does their best to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing detailed DMV checks, 24-hour roadside assistance, and industry leading insurance.


CanaDream RV

The are few countries with more open road and wilderness to explore than Canada. Renting an RV here is an absolute dream for any drivers who are eager not to see a lick of traffic or even not another person in general. CanaDream has seven pick up and drop off locations, but for a country as big as Canada, that leaves a lot of space to travel in between. Imagine this, someone can get their RV or camper in Vancouver, British Columbia and drop it off in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Why is that so impressive? Because that trip would be 3,561 miles long (at its shortest) with lots of nature and cool places in between.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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