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Set in the UK’s version of a chilled California-beach, Boardmasters is an uber-cool festival, mixing music with surf, skate and BMX competitions. It’s the perfect way to spend a week this summer and we’ve got you covered with some insider tips.

1. Don’t miss the intimate gigs

Intimate live music gigs are separately ticketed events. These take place in the Fistral Beach Bar and are super popular – so buy your tickets fast when you arrive at the festival site from the ticket booth.

Boardmasters Festival Guide
Photo by Boardmasters

2. Be careful with re-entry

There is a $15 charge every time you drive back into the parking lot – so plan your trips to the supermarket carefully.

3. No BBQs

As nice as it would be to have a BBQ on the beach, cookers aren’t allowed on site, so don’t waste space and pack yours.

4. Embrace Cornwall’s cuisine

Try a traditional Cornish Pasty, which is a meat-filled pastry that the area is famous for.

5. Don’t be fooled by UK weather

Bring a thick hoodie. Yes it’s summer and you’re on a beach, but the temperature drops a lot at in August during the evenings.

6. Take a splash

Bring swimwear…so you can take a dip in the sea!

7. Protect your phone

It’s worth considering bringing a waterproof pouch to put your phone in – so you can play in the sea while capturing that perfect Instagram shot.

8. Check out our full event guide

Read our Boardmasters Event Guide for the full low-down on this year’s festival.

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