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Hey, look at that name — it’s Boring! But does the city live up to its title? Well, the small town of 7,800 people outside Portland isn’t totally void of entertainment. On the contrary! There happens to be a few fun things to do in Boring, Oregon. Here are some of our favorites:

The Boring Lava Field Hiking

You know what isn’t boring? Liquid hot magma! Nowadays, the magma is neither liquid nor hot but Boring is situated on a former lava field, which was constantly susceptible to volcanic activity in prehistoric times. This area is packed with scenic hiking trails, like the Tickle Creek Trail, that weave through forested land and meadows and reveal views of Mount Hood.

By The Columbia River | Lyn Topinka

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Get a Dose of Boring History

Boring wasn’t actually named out of legitimate boredom. In fact, the city was named for the Union soldier and pioneer William Harrison Boring, who settled the area in the 1800s. Good on ya Billy Boring! Stick around long enough and locals will be happy to share tidbits like these about their beloved Boring, Oregon.

By IGN Boards

Boring Brewery

Downing a few pints can usually be a good recipe for avoiding boredom. Now with a location in Sandy, the Boring Brewing Company upholds the strong Oregon tradition of producing some of the world’s best microbrews. A good spot to enjoy a beer while watching a sports game, we recommend sampling their Butler Clan Irish Red or the aptly named Big Yawn IPA. For those needing to couple their liquid courage with some food, pick from Boring Brewery’s panini menu.

By Mt Hood Territory

Liepold Farms

The best place in Boring, Oregon to buy decorative gourds for the fall season is Liepold Farms. With pumpkins going for only forty cents a pound it’s a deal that’s hard to beat. Every year the farms hold a Fall Festival complete with pumpkin and apple slingshots, hayrides, and corn mazes. Having recently celebrated their 18th year of festivities in Boring, people love coming back for their five-acre corn maze.

By Oregon Haunted Houses

Goth Float

What is the goth float you ask? Well, it is by far the best event for the subcultural gothic community in Boring. Every year now for four years, people come draped in black and equipped with the inner tubes. From there, the team of some 200 participants float four miles down the Clackamas River. While goths may have a bad reputation for being rather moody, the Facebook group for organizing the event is full of positive interactions, so expect to have some fun.

By RootsRated

August 9th: Boring and Dull Day

Called “a pair for the ages”, in 2012 Boring, Oregon formed a partnership with an equally small Scottish village known as Dull, in the Perth and Kinross region of the country. Recently, Dull and Boring expanded their twin cities to include Bland Shire in Australia as well. The partnership with Boring has apparently done wonders for tourism in Dull as a councilor from the region estimates some 60,000 tourists now visit each year. As for Boring, every year on August 9th, the birthdate of the Boring/Dull relationship, the town holds a celebration. Visitors can expect bagpipers playing in the streets, barbershop quartets singing a tune, and ice cream trucks dishing out tasty treats.

By Lonely Planet

Netflix and Chill!

Netflix, also known as the opposite of boring, based a show in Boring, Oregon. Sure the show is called Everything Sucks but that’s no reflection on Boring. The 90s coming-of-age show depicts life at Boring High School for a group of misfit A/V Club members. It did get canceled after one season… but when in Rome! And by that we mean feel free to kick back and binge-watch whatever while in this stronghold of Netflixian culture.

That isn’t the only pop culture reference of note though. In 2013, Vitaminwater gave Boring, Oregon and Normal, Illinois “makeovers” by holding a music and comedy concert featuring Santigold, Matt & Kim, and Amy Schumer. It is also rumored that Jack Black is producing a serial killer comedy television series to be named after the small town.

By Romper

Where to Eat & Drink

The Not So Boring Bar and Grill

A classic dive bar, The Not So Boring Bar and Grill, lives up to its name. What is a good way to avoid boredom? Combine cheap beer, karaoke, pool tables, and fish tacos. Well done Not So Boring Bar and Grill.

By Boring Oregon

Taqueria El Jaliciene

Everyone needs some solid tacos in their life and El Jaliciene does it right. Anyone familiar with the delights of cheap Mexican food served on a Styrofoam plate that has two slices of radish and a lime wedge on the side will understand what we’re talking about.

By eduardo2 | Pixabay

Heaven Scent Baked Goods Café and Coffee

Right off Wally Road, one of the main drags of Boring, Oregon is the tiny Heaven Scent Baked Goods Café and Coffee. A great spot to grab a coffee or a deli sandwich, this boldly named café really is quite good.

By Melanie T | Yelp

Leave Boring!

Big city dreams with a Boring, Oregon reality? Get out of there! Hipster haven, Portland, is only 30 minutes away and the strong café culture, passionate Trailblazer and Timbers fans, quirky nightlife, and riverside skyline all make Portland one of the best cities in the United States for tourists. Alternatively, those hungry for outdoor adventure can reach the slopes of Mount Hood in an hour and a half. The iconic natural feature of inland Oregon has plenty of opportunities for camping, skiing in the winter, and some of the most beautiful hikes in Oregon.

By OregonLive
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