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A lot of us would love to have a furry friend to cuddle but for various reasons, we can’t (why are landlords so mean?) and that’s why cat cafes were invented. They have been a roaring success in Asia and now cities such as Seattle are offering some great cat cafe options. The cat cafes in Seattle also help to rehome rescue cats, so it’s a worthy trip to give some love to kitties that have been abandoned. Here’s the low-down on the best cat cafes in Seattle:

By Mutita Narkmuang

Neko Cat Cafe

Neko Cat Cafe in Capitol Hill works alongside the Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) to host cats. For cat’s looking to be rehomed, it’s a great in-between, as they can wait in the cafe before being permanently adopted. If you happen to fall in love with a particular feline at Neko Cat Cafe, you can even request to adopt it. The cafe has up to 12 cats at any given time and you can check out its beautiful resident felines here. The cafe is very popular, and you’ll need to reserve a spot before you enter. The cafe serves up wine, beer, and nibbles and you can spend hours playing with the cats or relaxing with a new furry friend curled up on your lap.

By Eater Seattle

Seattle Meowtropolitan

Seattle Meowtropolitan in Wallingford was the first place in Seattle to put coffee and cats together on the map. As with Neko Cat Cafe, Seattle Meowtropolitan also hosts cats from its partner shelter Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC), and sometimes the cats are additionally up for adoption. The cafe serves up fun-named drinks, such as a ‘catpuccino’ (or a cappuccino), or a ‘meowca’ (mocha). There are up to fifteen cats at any given time and Meowtropolitan is a great place to hang out with friends or family on the weekend. The cafe is home to several very happy resident cats who all have had incredible recovery stories.

By Seattle Refined

Kitty Catfe

Kitty Catfe in Edmonds, was the Seattle area’s second cat cafe, and follows the same idea of mixing a nice cup of joe with the chance to play with some cats. The cafe has some resident cats who are not up for adoption, but there are also plenty of others that are waiting to find a loving home. The majority of the cafe’s cats come from high kill shelters in California and Kitty Catfe have proudly saved the lives of almost three hundred cats and kittens. Whether you’re looking to adopt, or just want to cuddle a cat, it’s a worthy cause and one of the best cat cafes in Seattle.

By Quietword

Emerald City Kitty Cafe

The Emerald City Kitty Cafe in West Seattle is operated by the Emerald City Pet Rescue. It is the same deal as the Kitty Catfe, where it hosts cats that are up for adoption. It’s a walk-through shelter and the adjacent cafe is the perfect place to relax and think about which cat is the right feline for you. All the proceeds from the cafe go right back to help rescue and save more felines. The cafe also serves up some brilliantly named drinks, including the Hot Paw-colate (hot chocolate), the A-meow-icano (americano) and the Cla-w-tte (latte), along with cakes and snacks.

By Nattacha Sae-tung

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