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Los Angeles is home to a diverse array of historical and cultural landmarks. From Grauman’s Chinese Theater to the iconic Sunset Strip and, of course, the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles is a rich and vibrant city. But LA is no stranger to change, and its exciting cultural scene is always transforming. Today, the City of Angels is fast becoming a veritable paradise for America’s hipster generation. Here are some of the best cool things to do in LA:

By Nicole Ditt

Eat out at the amazing food markets & restaurants

Say what you like about hipsters, but you can’t deny they have discerning taste when it comes to food. Between unicorn shakes, poké salads, and khachapuri, hipsters have blown open the food market to tantalize taste buds everywhere, and Los Angeles is embracing this explosion wholeheartedly.

Take Bestia for example. Situated in a former warehouse in LA’s Art District, Bestia serves up such appetizing treats as pan-roasted chicken gizzards, potato leek ravioli, and stonebaked pizza made with dough risen over 24 hours. And for hipsters with a sweet tooth, flannel shirts and skinny jeans may feel distinctly tighter after a trip to Proof Bakery. With treats such as chocolate cardamom tart and olive oil loaf cake on the menu, it’s enough to make any hipster sink to their knees and ironically weep with joy. Feeling full? Why not walk it off and have a stroll along one of Los Angeles’ many beautiful beaches?

By Gabriele Maltinti

Launch a startup in the city

Fact: hipsters are the startup pros. Typically made up of the millennial generation, hipsters came of age during a global recession and a dire jobs market. Consequently, this new boom of people is compelled to create their own opportunity by launching their own business.

Historically, aspiring actors moved to LA to fulfill their thespian dreams, with mixed success. Today’s hipsters enjoy much more success than their predecessors though, with dozens of LA startups finding business success in the city. Startups such as Spark xyz enjoy the city’s bustling and close-knit tech community, not to mention cheap rent and a high number of STEM graduates.

By GaudiLab

LA’s entrepreneurial spirit has existed since the city’s inception. Enterprising immigrants have found the American Dream here through history, and the city boomed during the 1920s, helped in no small part by the birth of Hollywood.

That enterprising spirit continues today, and starting or buying a business in Los Angeles is essentially a prerequisite for the many hipsters flocking to the city in their droves. It’s a fecund environment for solopreneurs and startups alike, helping make LA a vanguard in business today.

By chris knight

Enjoy the thriving music scene

Los Angeles’ excellent music scene is nothing new. Jazz greats like Charles Mingus found their sound in the city in the thirties, and LA’s Sunset Strip during the Sixties was renowned for nurturing talented musicians like the Doors and Buffalo Springfield.

The Los Angeles of today continues that rich musical tradition. The Fonda Theatre regularly hosts niche bands and musicians. And Koreatown’s Break Room 86 is a proud deviation from the too-cool venues you’ll find elsewhere in the US, offering retro 80s vibes and karaoke on tap.

For hipsters with a passion for rock, head down to West Hollywood’s Troubadour. Past acts include Van Morrison and the Eagles, but today its musical offerings are more diverse. Artists as diverse as John Legend and The Head And The Heart have performed in recent years, and you’ll never be at a loss if you’ve got the urge for some live music.

By View Apart

Indulge in art, culture, and fashion

Los Angeles is home to one of the most prosperous creative scenes in the US. Traditionally known solely for the movie industry, today LA plays hosts to a staggering array of artists and exhibitions. LA’s hipsters rarely struggle to find an exciting new exhibition to whet their creative appetite. Last year, the Getty Center announced a series of exhibitions at 70 Los Angeles venues. The most notable of these was LA/LA, a celebration of the city’s rich Latino-American culture. More exhibitions are set to come, with an ever-rotating mix of film, sculpture, photography, installations, and more all calling Los Angeles their home at any one time.

Additionally, East Third Street’s Art District is gradually becoming a sprawling hub of creativity, with artist co-ops such as Art Share LA sharing space with boutique art stores like Poketo. That’s not to mention the many independent galleries popping up in the area, showcasing the best of traditional, textile, and mixed media artwork from around the world.


Hipsters, rejoice! Paradise is on earth, and its name is Los Angeles. Give your ‘tache a trim, crack out your Converse, and fling on your oversized flannel shirt, and experience all the riches that the City of Angels has to offer.


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