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Beach season is almost upon us, but why wait? Egypt is just a short flight away, and with the country’s warm climate, you can find a beach to head to any month of the year. With a rich culture, ancient history, and out of this world beaches, your trip to Egypt will combine a cultural journey with a beach trip to make anyone jealous, creating one unforgettable vacation. Check out the best beaches in Egypt to plan your next trip.

1. Marsa Nayzak

If it’s unique you’re looking for, head to Marsa Nayzak, just outside of Marsa Alam. The ocean creeps right up to the rocky shoreline, but the most stunning part is where the rocks break to create a natural swimming pool. The pool was reportedly created when a meteor hit the ground, breaking the rock surface. Jump right into the clear blue waters of the pool or jump into the ocean itself. This beach looks more like something you’d find on another planet than something you’d find just in another country. While traveling to Marsa Nayzak, check out Marsa Alam, and explore the mangroves, Valley of the Camels National Park, or the Qulaan Islands.

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egypt's best beaches

2. Sharm El-Naga Bay

Head to the coast of the Red Sea to the Sharm El-Naga Bay, just north of Safaga. The clear blue water of this beach makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling. Plus, a coral reef sits just right by the shore, meaning you can literally jump right in and explore the coral reef, rather than having to take a boat out to a good snorkeling spot. Check out all the colorful and unique sea life, including octopuses! Sharm El-Naga Bay is also an ideal spot for water sports and beach sports, making this the ideal destination for an active beach goer.

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3. Sunken City

Explore a whole city underwater in Sahl Hasheesh, on the shores of the Red Sea. Many believe the city to be the remains of a town from the era of the pharaohs, however, the structures were actually made quite recently. The area is ideal for snorkeling and diving, while the golden sand is great for sunbathing. Sahl Hasheesh itself is home to a whole host of resorts for you to stay in.

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4. Taba

Head to this picture perfect beach any time of the year. With perfect year-round temperatures, Taba is always waiting for you. Head to the fjord for one of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches you’ll find. The Fjord is a great spot for snorkeling and for diving, but only for experienced divers. Less experienced divers should head to the Fjord Banana. The crystal clear water makes it perfect for checking out the sea life inhabiting the area. Taba is also home to many lavish seaside resorts, so you can live the high life during your beach trip.

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5. Abu Galoum

For a unique adventure, head to Abu Galum. The Ras Abu Galoum protected area, where the Abu Galoum beach sits, is in Dahab, on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Rocky mountains surround the golden sand beach, leaving a small opening for the sea. The water at Abu Galoum is crystal clear, making it a great spot for snorkeling. Plus, with all the coral reefs nearby, you’re bound to see some cool fish and other sea life. The cliffs around the beach are home to many unique species, including the Nubian Ibex, a type of mountain goat. Take a kayak into the ocean or ride a camel into the mountains to explore more of the area.

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egypt's best beaches

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