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You have a Euro trip in your sights. It’s been an idea you’ve been weighing up for some time now and the list of excuses not to go is suddenly extremely short. And now there’s a new thought: Including yoga during the trip. Combining yoga and a Euro tour isn’t exactly conventional but then again, who wouldn’t want yoga sessions at some of the most beautiful retreats in Europe? Sounds like a long way from the office and evening soccer practice pickups. So bring your mat and a taste for adventure, here are our picks for Europe’s top yoga retreats.

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Revealing Vajra, Italy

Yoga sessions in a 17th-century Italian estate anyone? Daily yoga sessions, excellent local cuisine, and a beautiful setting make a great combination. Revealing Vajra is also easy to reach, as it’s just an hour’s drive from Rome. The closest town is home to just about 1,000 residents so don’t worry about city noise or crowds. And if you want a break from yoga you can always do some hill walking in the surrounding area.

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AdventureYogi, French Alps

The setting means a lot when choosing a yoga retreat and the French Alps are about as good as it gets. AdventureYogi lets you start your day off with sunrise yoga then you can hit the slopes and ski to your heart’s content. Finish the day with spa treatments and a three-course vegetarian meal before hitting a 90-minute recovery yoga class.

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Ionian Inversions, Greece

Set on the beautiful island of Zythankos, guests have access to fast-paced 90-minute classes, organic meals featuring the local fare, and all the wonder of the island. Its setting on the Ionian Sea means there are plenty of photo opportunities. Booking is done through Soulfood London.

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Yoga Rocks, Greece

Not unlike Ionian Inversions, Yoga Rocks provides excellent yoga sessions and unforgettable ocean views. We could think of worse combos. The Friday night celebratory feast is one of the retreat’s highlights as guests gather to socialize and reflect on their stay. Located on the island of Crete, there’s plenty to go out and explore if the yoga sessions and organic meals get a little repetitive.


Circle of Relaxation, Norway

It’s only right that one of Europe’s top yoga retreats is in one of Europe’s most breathtakingly beautiful places. A four-night retreat at the boutique Lyngen Lodge located in the Arctic Circle, Circle of Relaxation brings high-level vinyasa flow yoga classes combined with views of the mirror-like Norwegian Sea and snow-capped mountains in the distance. It’s the perfect yoga holiday for people looking for something off the beaten path.

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Yoga retreats are becoming great ways to get out and explore, while also relaxing and getting away from day to day stresses. Maybe it’s horse riding, maybe it’s kundalini yoga — a retreat is a way to escape. Some of the world’s best yoga teachers have set up in Europe ready to make that escape fantasy a reality. All you have to do is commit to the trip!

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