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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This quote is often credited to Henry Ford speaking on the creativity behind his creation of the Model T. So it’s only fitting that a country festival in American auto country reflects the region’s history. As for the region’s country fans, if you asked them want they wanted, they would likely say the same: Faster Horses.

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1. Reserve camping space early

Scout out the camping zones, decide which one fits your group best and book!

2. Check out the classic car show

You’re in auto country so learn a thing or two about some American auto classics. It can be a nice break in the routine.

3. Pace yourself

Three days is a lot. A lot of music, beer, sun and food costs. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

4. Pancakes… pancakes

Get to the infield in the morning for pancake breakfast and music from Dee Jay Silver. Whether it’s to chase off a hangover or just start the day right, you can’t say no to pancakes.

5. Bud-wei-ser

Hit the Budweiser Country Club for a cold one or two. And make sure you see the Budweiser Clydesdales. Yes, the real ones will be there.

Faster Horses
Photo by Faster Horses Festival

6. Line dancing lessons

Learn a few new steps at the Boneyard Saloon.

7. Sober horses

Sober Horses is a group of festival goers who prefer to enjoy the party free of drugs and alcohol. Some are recovering from addiction and some are just looking to enjoy the festival above the influence.

8. Escape to the lake

If you’re not up for the camping festival lifestyle 24/7 then check out one of the many nearby lakes. You can even score a lakeside Airbnb if you book early enough.

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