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Belgium is a fun and fascinating country that’s sometimes overlooked by people traveling around Europe. Nestled in between France, Germany, and The Netherlands, Belgium is a culturally diverse country with several distinct regions, each with its own culture and language. Whether you’re interested in visiting medieval churches, sampling some of the nation’s famous beers or checking out some great museums, The country is a great destination for backpacking and bargain travel, here are the best hostel cities in Belgium.

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Backpacking and Hostels

Because it’s a small country with many diverse regions, it’s possible to fit in quite a bit of scenery and culture in a short time while in Belgium. Staying in hostels is the perfect way to travel cheaply and in a manner conducive to meeting other travelers. There are hostels throughout Belgium, making it convenient to plan an exciting and economical trip.


Whatever else is on your itinerary, you’ll want to visit Brussels, the capital city. Brussels is full of picturesque squares, churches and old buildings. One of the most impressive sights is Grand Place, a central square with many buildings from the 17th century. The main attraction here is Hotel de Ville, the city’s iconic town hall.

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One of the nicest hostels in Brussels is Residence les Ecrins, which is conveniently located close to the city center. This hostel, which is in a quaint old building, is very close to restaurants, shops, and attractions such as Grand Place. It’s also very close to the St. Catherine subway station. Another hostel that’s right in the middle of the city is Meininger Brussels City Center, a hostel that’s on the site of an old brewery and located right by the canal. Another thing that makes this hostel distinctive is the comic book theme. The entire building is full of comics-related art and figures.


Another city worth visiting in Belgium is Liege, which is on the Meuse River in the Walloon region. This is the French-speaking part of Belgium. Liege is a medieval city known for old buildings and churches such as the Romanesque Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew. It’s also famous for its delicious waffles. If you’re backpacking through Liege, you might stay at the Liege Youth Hostel, which is only a short walk from the town center. This hostel is a friendly place where you can get breakfast, including Belgian Waffles, and stay in secure rooms with keypads for the doors.

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Also in the Walloon region is the town of Waterloo, most famous for the Battle of Waterloo, the site of Napoleon’s defeat in 1815. One of the area’s main attractions is the Mount of Waterloo, a statue of a lion built on the site of the battle. Waterloo is only a short distance from Brussels, so you can easily make a day trip here by car, train or bus. While Waterloo doesn’t have any hostels, it does have some reasonable hotels and B & Bs. One choice for a reasonable room is Hotel Ibis Brussels Waterloo, which is close to the Waterloo Train Station and the Wellington Museum.

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Antwerp, which is in the Flanders region, is another interesting and unique city in Belgium. Most of the inhabitants here speak a distinctive variety of Dutch. Although the history of Antwerp goes back to the Middle Ages, it’s also a very modern city, with a vibrant nightlife and popular fashion scene.

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Antwerp has several choices for hostels, including the Boomerang Hostel in the central part of the city. This hostel offers 24-hour reception, WiFi, a kitchen and many other amenities. Another popular hostel in the middle of Antwerp is The Ash or Antwerp Student Hostel, which offers breakfast, a game room, a garden and a shared kitchen.

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