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In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the landmark civil rights that legalized same-sex marriage. With the law officially enacted, Puerto Rico became one of the most gay-friendly places in the Caribbean, and arguably worldwide. Puerto Rico’s music scene, delicious food, and friendly, passionate people make it a premier destination for anyone, not just LGBTQ communities. That being said, nearly the entire island could be classified as LGBTQ-friendly. We’ve arranged some travel advice and a list of gay resorts in Puerto Rico.

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Best Areas

Like many places in the world, travelers will find more liberal and progressive ideas along the coasts and a more socially conservative environment towards the interior. While Puerto Rico is quite accepting of gay travelers, same-sex public displays of affection may be perceived more skeptically in the rural communities away from the seas.


This district in the capital of San Juan has long been the stronghold for gay and lesbian travel. Many cities around the island are very much up-and-coming areas for gay nightlife and lifestyle, but Condado is still the place to be. The gay-centric bars and activity are also beginning to make their way toward Condado’s surrounding neighbors, like Santurce.

Vieques and Culebra

Vieques and Culebra are islands separate from the Puerto Rican mainland and are well known for their natural beauty. Recently they have also been welcoming a number of LGBTQ tourists.


Puerto Rico’s second city, Ponce is known to be gay-friendly, and with a younger, university-educated population it holds up to its reputation.

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Places to Stay

The Condado Plaza Hilton

The Atlantic Ocean views and access to the Condado Lagoon make the Condado Plaza a good option for couples looking to take out a kayak. Meanwhile, singles and couples who don’t want to just Netflix and chill can head out to Condado’s lively nightlife and gay clubs.

La Concha Renaissance Resort

La Concha Renaissance Resort, where many guests will be poolside with a drink or two in hand, happily welcomes swaths of gay travelers. Steps away, Condado’s beach, La Concha, is a popular place to catch some sun and meet fellow tourists.

Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza

With three pools and nearby access to an unofficial gay beach near Atlantic Beach, as well as the famous gay bar Oceano, the Conrad San Juan is a great place to stay.

Vista Dos Mares

This gay-owned accommodation on Vieques Island is a bit more of a boutique-style guesthouse but with views of two different oceans, it’s hard to beat the chill atmosphere and picturesque sunsets which are only impeded by passing cruise ships.

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While there are areas and places that may cater more specifically to the gay community in Puerto Rico, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where it begins and ends mainly because the island is so inclusive to LGBTQ travelers. We encourage anyone hoping to find an exciting cultural destination that is exceptionally gay-friendly to visit Puerto Rico.

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