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So you have someone in your life who likes thrills and living on the edge. Their lifestyle might stress you out daily, but come holiday season that stress will undoubtedly amplify. What to buy someone who definitely does not want or need socks and gift cards? We’ve come up with a list of gift ideas for the Evel Knievel in your life.



GoPro By Jakob Owens-Unsplash.jpg
By Jakob Owens-Unsplash

The classic adventure accessory. GoPros have come a long way since their genesis and are now on their seventh generation. The GoPro Hero 7 now comes with some slick features like 4k video capabilities, video stabilization, and a touchscreen digital display. This is all in addition to the classic GoPro features, which made them famous, clear photos, compact size, and waterproof. There are other versions of GoPros, including the GoPro Fusion that has the ability to take 360-degree photos, and other special features.

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Drone By Jared Brashier-Unsplash.jpg
By Jared Brashier-Unsplash

Another cool technology, which will provide great memories for your adrenaline junkie hoping to document their daring feats, is a drone. Drones come in many different shapes and sizes (which affects the price) but for new flyers, there are many options that are easy to learn with. Even the basic, beginner drones will provide some great aerial footage and hours of fun. For those hoping to make their drone shots compatible with VR should definitely consider the DJI Mavic Pro 2.


Odds are, the adrenaline junkies in your life won’t want a whole lot more “stuff” and what would really make them happy is heart-racing experience they have never had before. Not to mention, for anyone who knows someone spending the holidays abroad, it is easier to sign them up for something than it is to send a package.

Skydiving for Two

Skydiving for Two By Kamil Pietrzak-Unsplash.jpg
By Kamil Pietrzak-Unsplash

Skydiving might as well be ‘Intro to Being an Adrenaline Junky 101’ and because of that, it is likely your thrill seeker has done this before. That’s where the “for two” comes into play. Time to get over your fears and tag along. The adrenaline junkie will surely be excited to see you strapped in and ready to jump out of a plane with them. The shared experience is worth it.

National Parks Pass

National Parks Pass By Jairph-Unsplash.jpg
By Jairph-Unsplash

A National Park Pass, also known as an America the Beautiful Pass, runs at $80 and allows the purchaser to visit any National Park in the United States National Parks System for free for a year. To put that into perspective, a single trip to a park usually costs between $20-$30, so for the active outdoors person it can be incredibly useful. Adrenaline junkies will love rock climbing in Yosemite, rafting in the Grand Canyon, and hair-raising hikes like Angels Landing in Zion. Plus, having access to off-the-beaten-path parks will leave many feeling like true explorers.

Race Track Rental

By Max Bottinger

A new phenomenon that is spreading across the globe is companies having access to motor racetracks and allowing average citizens to drive on them. Some of these experiences see buyers pick a place and date, and when they arrive some of the fastest, most expensive race cars are waiting for them to whip around at breakneck speeds.

Shark Diving

Shark Diving By Michael Liao-Unsplash.jpg
By Michael Liao-Unsplash

While this may be location dependent, it’s a great option to get the adrenaline flowing. Hopping in a cage and coming within inches of some of the world’s most elite and perfect predators won’t be a casual experience for anyone, no matter how much they like thrills. For adrenaline junkies, the bigger, the better — so before signing up, do some research and make sure the local species include some true killers like great white sharks.

A Pilot’s License

By Caleb Woods

This comes in as the most expensive option on the list, as flying lessons and the license itself will cost several thousand dollars, but it is also the most permanent. Many thrill seekers will mention their fantasy of flying as the main influence for embarking on a life of daring adventures. Giving the gift of literally learning to fly (especially for those who think skydiving is just falling) will be an exciting prospect for them.

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