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France is still the top holiday destination in the world, there’s no doubt about that and it continues to attract people from all over the world. Rich in culture, gastronomy, art, architecture (both modern and classical) and entertainment, France attracts tourists from all over the world by the tens of millions each year. Loaded with fantastic cities with centuries of history, France also has paradisiac natural landmarks ranging from beautiful beaches and rivers to enchanting forests and plains. As glamping continues to spread all over the world as one of the hottest trends in luxury travel, dreamy glamping sites have sprouted all over France to entice all kinds of nature lovers and adventurers to come and visit. Here are the eight best spots for glamping in France that will certainly catch your eye.

Glisten Camping, out of This World – Pyrénées

In the Labourd countryside, just north of the border with Spain’s Basque Country, geodesic-shaped structures have taken over in a striking fashion to offer visitors a unique experience in the tranquil pastures of the countryside. Glisten Camping, in southwestern France, accommodates families or groups of up to six people in each one of its dorm-looking domes. Filled with ergonomically designed features, these domes have partitioned bedrooms, king-size beds, gas cookers and even dining areas.

glamping around France
Photo by Glisten Camping

La Vie en Rose, no More Needed to Be Said – Midi-pyrénées

Right on the undulating slopes of bucolic Gascony in western France, sits Camping La Vie en Rose. Inviting visitors to enjoy “the sweetness of life” these marvelous bell tents are surrounded by breathtaking acres of tranquil, wildflower meadows fringed by enchanting oak woodlands. The style of these tents is only surpassed by the amount of comfort they provide with separate bedrooms with deluxe beds, lounge, fully equipped campsite kitchen, and bathrooms. Guest can also enjoy the saltwater swimming pool and outdoor Morrocan area or simply unwind in the beautiful countryside and relax like a king under the stars of the French sky.

By La Vie en Rose

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The Midsummer Retreat: Personal, Luxurious, and Isolated Yurt –  Aveyron

Set in a wonderfully simple yurt, the Midsummer Retreat in central France is one of the most wonderful ways to take a step back and reconnect with nature, yourself and your loved ones. Isolated by privacy, peace, and acres of natural space, this yurt is an incredibly lush and luxurious way to take some time off while enjoying the finest things France’s countryside has to offer. The rustic, old-country vibe the yurt mirrors the setting but still retains some modern functionality, like a fridge, oven, and electricity for charging your camera or mobile phone. Make the most out of it by visiting the tiny medieval town of St-Antonin-Noble-Val nearby.

glamping France
Photo by Midsummer Retreat

Flower Camping La Vendée Bretonnière – Vendée

Activities of all sorts, a scenic fishing lake, a beach nearby, holiday huts, fields and safari tents is everything Flower Camping La Vendée Bretonnière needed to become a one of a kind glamping spot for those seeking a great place to be surrounded by nature while enjoying the comfort and amenities of a world-class hotel. A delight for kids as well as adults, this glamping site offers to cover all your most demanding needs while giving you the freedom and independence of nature at the same time.

glamping around France
Photo by Flower Camping La Bretonnière Vendée

La Parenthèse Camping Les Ormes – Aquitaine

Central and western France has some of the most beautiful green pastures and forests of the world and with the right romantic ambiance given by this incredible glamping site, you’re sure to be transported into a world without worries surrounded by luxury and comfort. Cushions, flowers, restaurants, king beds and many more first-class details make for an unforgettable experience.

glamping around France
Photo by La Parenthèse Camping

Huttopia Noirmoutier, Get Lost on the Beach – Atlantic Coast

Located right off of the west coast of France, Huttopia Noirmoutier takes full advantage of the natural beauty and isolation of the Island of Noirmoutier. And what better way to connect with the raw luxuriousness of nature than by staying at one of these fully equipped huts right by the beach. Glamping here means nice showers, good facilities, and great company. Bring your own motorhome or stay at one of the Canadian-style tents and enjoy your own BBQ or eating at the local restaurants after combing the beach for oysters.

glamping around France
Photo by Huttopia Europe

Camping de Strasbourg – Alsace, Lorraine & Champagne

Just a short ten-minute drive from the center of Strasbourg, this new camping site is located on the Montagne Verte district. For all those looking to take a break from the city or even those looking to get lost in nature without abandoning the option to still be close to the city and its beautiful spots, this spot delivers everything needed to make the best of both worlds.

glamping in France
Photo by camping indigo strasbourg

Riveco Glamping is Luxury in a Bubble –  Limousin

A bubble of luxury, Riveco Glamping offers double-decker domes strategically placed just by the river and in the middle of the beautiful countryside of the town of Coussac-Bonneval. With fully equipped facilities that include a double-sized bed, shower, and eco-friendly toilet, this site provides all you need to enjoy nature and get the pampering you would expect at a hotel. You can even order room service.

glamping in France
Photo by Carl
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