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When it comes to natural beauty, Hawaii is hard to beat. Few places in the world mix green tropical forests, dramatic cliff-lined coasts, crashing blues waves and volcanoes quite like the Hawaiian Islands. Oh, and if you can find another place that has water as blue and as beautiful as Hawaii’s, please let us know. We’d like to go. So how does one visit Hawaii and see the very best of its natural side? Perhaps better put, how does one escape the row of beachfront hotels and resorts that all seem to feel the same after a while? For the adventurers that still like their luxuries, glamping in Hawaii is an ideal vacation.

By Wetu

What is glamping?

Maybe you’re not familiar with the concept. It’s relatively new on the travel scene but it’s a trend catching on fast. Glamping is essentially luxury camping, hence the combination of “glamorous” and “camping”. It means swapping a hotel for the great outdoors while avoiding the discomforts that usually come with setting up a campsite and facing the elements. Think soft, large beds and gourmet cooking instead of sleeping bags and pots of beans. Think birds chirping as your alarm clock instead of the loud neighbors in the neighboring hotel room. Glamping is essentially the best of both worlds.

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By Pascal Debrunner

Why does glamping work so well in Hawaii?

From the Big Island to Maui, Hawaii is full of jaw-dropping locations hidden from the main strips of hotels and resorts. You can hike up a volcano or spend a day relaxing on the black sand beach of Punalu’u.

The fact is, to varying degrees, all islands are widely popular tourist attractions, but with that tourist industry comes some restrictions. While many of the resorts give guests beautiful beaches and sunsets, much of Hawaii goes unexplored. That’s why glamping works so well here — travelers have the opportunity to not only visit, but stay in some of the underappreciated areas on the islands.

By Jeremy Bishop

How to find glamping accommodations in Hawaii

Here at AllTheRooms, we’ve made it easy to search any area in Hawaii specifically for glamping options. You can filter out hotels and resorts that only make your search longer. Our search pulls together glamping accommodations from sites like Glamping Hub and Airbnb so you can see everything in one place.

Just start at our main search page and type in your desired area. Let’s say you choose Volcano so you can be right on the edge of Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. Click search and then when you arrive on the page, click the “property type” drop-down menu and select “Glamping”. You’ll find a page offering a whole list of glamping sites along with statistics on glamping properties in the region. With a couple clicks, you’ll have everything you need.

By Anna ART

Top Glamping Sites in Hawaii

Here’s a look at a few glamping options that stand out to us.

This remote cabin on the outskirts of Volcanoes National Park is a dream destination. It’s eco-friendly, remote, and set in a beautiful part of the Big Island far from the tourist nonsense. It can accommodate two guests and offers WiFi and an HD TV. So while you’ll be remote, you won’t feel disconnected. It also puts you in an ideal position to launch adventures into the national park.

By Glamping Hub

What about the surfers out there looking to find some North Shore Swells? This spacious tent is perfect for travelers looking to explore one of Maui’s most beautiful regions. Here the birds will wake you up and the sound of the nearby creek will put you to sleep. The hiking in the surrounding area is also excellent if you want a break from the strong surf.

By Airbnb

Another Maui gem, this jungle glamping tent takes the prize on scenery. Shaded by leafy palms and jungle foliage and surrounded by beautiful hills, this place will be tough to leave on your final day. There a kitchen, fridge and all the amenities needed to make you feel comfortable after your days of exploring.

By Airbnb
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