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When visiting Pennsylvania, many travelers seek out the known commodities: the history of Philadelphia and the bustling reemergence of Pittsburgh. Because the two cities, and tourist-friendly towns like Hersey, draw much of the traveler traffic, the state isn’t exactly seen as an “escape.” In actuality, Pennsylvania has ample opportunity to slow things down. Much of Central Pennsylvania is small townships hugging National Forests. Tucked amongst these secluded forests are many glampers’ dream locations, comfortable accommodations nestled amongst charming East Coast nature. Below are some of our favorite places in Pennsylvania to (sorta) rough it; including one location that might surprise you.

By Delmas Lehman

Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort

The name implies traditional luxury; even the initial pictures of the resort seem far from a glamping experience, as the main lodge is a large hotel overlooking the Delaware River, but in fact Shawnee offers one of the best glamping experiences in the state. Accessible only by canoe, Shawnee owns a small island on the Delaware where they have constructed a number of glamping tents outfitted with WiFi and nearby hammocks for easy afternoons.

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By PhiladelphiaMag

Rustic Camping Tent on Pine Creek

Located close to Colton State Park, known for its local bald eagle population, the couples retreat awaits those wanting to enjoy the outdoors but with a touch of convenience for romance. The tent itself is a thick canvas stretched across striking exposed wooden beams. Complete with a queen-sized bed and a coffee maker, this rustic tent makes waking up to the sunrise a bit more comfortable.

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Whispering Pines Farm

Glamping at Whispering Pines Farm originally only corresponded with the farm’s twice-yearly “Festival in the Woods.” Festival in the Woods occurs every third weekend in both June and September where the farm welcomes local artisans to sell and display their goods. Vendors include blacksmiths, garden artists, and jewelry makers, among others. One of the most popular features is the display of antique vehicles. Now, no longer exclusively available for the festival, the glamping tents are fully furnished and lawn chairs provide a great station to enjoy the view out of the front ”door.”

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By Kerry

Luxury Camp in Allegheny National Forest

This glamping space is located within the actual borders of the famous Allegheny National Forest. Since it is well inside the confines of preserved land, the tent for rent has many nearby activities that are very accessible. The Allegheny not only has trails for hiking, it also has routes for ATVs and boasts awesome fishing piers, among other recreational favorites. The property itself has outdoor grills, volleyball and basketball courts, and Christmas lights that add to the magical, glamping atmosphere.

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Houseboat in Philly

Yep — glamping in Philly! More or less possible. If a trip to the City of Brotherly Love is necessary but someone still wants to enjoy the outdoors, this houseboat is about the best option out there. So, OK, it’s still a house, no one will exactly be packing a sleeping bag, but considering the location this may be the most nature-friendly option in Philadelphia as the Delaware River is literally right outside the door. Guests love the rooftop deck where a drink in hand helps the noise of the city melt away.

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