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Five national parks, eight national forests, and seven national monuments. For anyone unsure of Utah’s outdoor credentials, don’t doubt the Beehive State. From mountain resorts to the most sparsely populated deserts, Utah is an excellent celebration of the great outdoors, making the American West so unique. So, Utah may be a hotbed of outdoor activity, but sleeping in the dirt and sweating your way up a mountain is not for everyone. If you’re curious about reaping the benefits of being amongst the beauty of nature but are not so dirt-inclined, say hello to glamorous camping, aka “glamping.” The glamping trend has hit the entire nation and because of Utah’s miles of unspoiled splendor, it’s one of the best states to indulge in some posh accommodation. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

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Conestoga Ranch

This Bear Lake location in the very northern reaches of Utah is actually closer to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, in Wyoming, than it is to Utah’s “Mighty Five” in the south. With multiple tastefully decorated accommodation options and even a full onsite spa, Conestoga Ranch is a quintessential glamping experience needing to be appreciated. The most unique experience at Conestoga would be to stay in one of their Conestoga Wagons, renovated carriages that are reminiscent of the 1800s Western migration and Old West lifestyle. While the ranch may be closer in proximity to Idaho and Wyoming, it’s still only a two-hour drive from Salt Lake City.

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BaseCamp 37 Degrees

BaseCamp 37 outside of Kenab has multiple classic glamping tents — essentially large canvas sheets stretched over permanent structures. Because of their access to a large swath of land, each tent, named after Utah landmarks like Powell, Escalante, and Hayduke, all seem to be completely isolated from civilization. Don’t let the off-the-grid vibe intimidate you though, each tent is solar powered meaning no electronic addictions will go uncharged.


Under Canvas Moab

Located just outside of the adventure mecca, Moab, where activities like hot air ballooning, climbing desert plateaus, and whitewater rafting are normal daily occurrences, Under Canvas has a number of glamping tent options: from suites to rooms with an additional tipi outside the front porch, as well as more economic alternatives that still feature all the necessary amenities. The team at Under Canvas also has a similar plot of glamping tents further south near Zion National Park.

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Zion Ponderosa Ranch

Zion Ponderosa Ranch may be the ideal option for those who are thinking that even glamping might be pushing their patience with the whole “roughing it” thing, because not only is this a glamp site, it also has luxury vacation cabin rentals available as an emergency backup. The resort is built on more than 4,000 acres of pristine land that boasts views of Zion National Park.

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