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Guam is a tropical paradise and US-territory island located in the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Due to its location in the Pacific, it’s home to unbeatable beaches, as well as some very interesting World War II history. For those of you who haven’t heard of Guam, the island is located around a seven-hour flight from Hawaii, and a three to four-hour flight from Japan. It’s the first American soil to see the new day, with the sun rising several hours before that in West Coast USA. Here’s your rundown of the best Guam beaches.

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1. Tanguisson Beach

Tanguisson Beach is one of the most secluded Guam beaches. It’s a rugged, uncultivated beach where you can really feel at one with nature. To get to the best part of the beach, you’ll have to walk through a water crossing, and it’s well worth it as you’ll be greeted with incredible white sand and crystal clear waters. There aren’t many tourists on the beach, just the occasional local fisherman. The beach has everything you need to kick back and have a good time, with picnic tables and BBQ pits.

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2. Asan Beach Park

It’s hard to believe the tranquil Asan Beach Park, with sugar-white sand and turquoise waters, was one of the two main beaches which U.S. soldiers stormed during World War II. The soldiers were trying to recapture Guam from the Japanese, and on the beach, you’ll find several memorials and informational signs in the surrounding park. The beach itself, which is located in a luscious park, is your classic tropical beach, with palm trees, warm water, and colorful fish. Take a peek and see if Asan Beach Park made it onto the list of the most beautiful white sand beaches.

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3. Gun Beach

Named after an old gun, Gun Beach is a stunning beach with a great coral reef to explore. The old gun can be seen at the far right of the beach by a lagoon. You can find a secluded cove just off the beach, called Fai Fai Beach, which is equally beautiful.  Gun Beach is known for its great snorkeling opportunities and there’s a reef with a dive site. For games, sports, drinks, and fun, The Beach Restaurant & Bar is Guam’s largest beach bar and a must-visit for anyone on the shores of Gun Beach.

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4. Tagachang Beach

If you’ve become a bit immune to the white-sand crystal-clear-water beaches and like something different, you should head to Tagachang Beach. This beach is one of Guam’s most rugged and unique — it’s definitely far from the groomed white sand of beaches such as Asan Park. It’s a beach for the adventurous as it is set between two cliffs covered in dense jungle trees. The waters of the beach are calm and safe to swim in, and you won’t see many tourists here.

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5. Shark’s Cove Beach

Don’t be put off by this beach’s name, sharks are rarely seen here, however it’s always worth keeping an eye out for a straggler. Shark’s Cove Beach is a secluded bay, reached only by a half-mile hike. Start off early to avoid hiking in the midday sun and you’ll be rewarded with a tropical paradise. The beach is palm-lined with a deep strip of white sand, and you’ll likely be one of the only people there, as not many people are willing to do the hike. The snorkeling is excellent at Shark’s Cove so be sure to bring a snorkel. It’s also rocky in parts, so bring protective shoes.

By The Guam Guide

6. Ypao Beach Park

At Ypao Beach Park you’ll find a beautiful sandy beach, grassy spots for picnics, and a kids’ playground. The beach is located in downtown Tumon and is a great place to relax if you don’t want to go in hunt of somewhere more secluded. The park that backs onto the beach regularly hosts music festivals and village parties.

By Guam for Beginners

 7. Gab Gab Beach

One of Guam’s best beaches is unfortunately not accessible for all. Gab Gab Beach is located on Naval Base Guam (the US navy and military have a big presence on the island due to its strategic location) and the beach is only accessible with base access. It’s one of the most beautiful dive spots on the island, where you’ll find serious divers heading below. The waters are clear and calm, and on the weekend the beach is packed with families.

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8. Talofofo Beach

Talofofo Beach is a rocky beach with black exposed ancient coral, white sand and palm trees. It’s an excellent visual combination for those who love rugged beaches.

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9. Coco Palm Beach

We don’t think you could find a more relaxing beach if you tried. As the name says, there’s not much to do at Coco Palm Beach other than to relax under coconut trees and take a dip in the crystalline water. There’s a beach bar, where you can kick back with a tropical cocktail, or three.

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