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Family vacations are an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. But to get the most out of any vacation, you have to make sure you get the packing done right. When traveling with kids, it’s especially important to pack smart.

Want the perfect packing list to your destination with kids? Leave yourself worry-free and get the most out of your vacation. We’ve created your guide to packing for traveling with kids.

By Daiga Ellaby

First Things First

Especially when traveling with kids, you don’t want to bring things that you don’t need. When making your vacation packing list, remember to stick to the basics. It makes it easier to find them at a moment’s notice, and give you a lighter load for maneuvering with your luggage. You also want to avoid exceeding the size and weight limits on luggage. Make sure to review that information in advance. No one likes extra fees.

Picking Out Outfits

Planning out your kids’ outfits before you go will keep you extra organized. It ensures you don’t forget an article of clothing for any day. A great tip for this is to pack each outfit in its own Ziplock bag and create a label for the day of the week your child wears it. And be sure to pack an extra outfit, in case of emergency.

While you’re doing this, ask your child to help pick out their clothes. It’s a great way to involve your child in the process and avoid any meltdowns over wardrobe decisions.

Traveling with Kids
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All the Essentials in One Place

There are already enough obstacles and responsibilities when traveling with kids. Keep all the essential items consolidated in one easy-access place. This will give you peace of mind and ensure that you’ll dodge the major disasters.

Make a travel checklist of the travel essentials, and put them in here. A small, light backpack is perfect for this. It will also be useful on the trip if you are in attire without pockets. Use this bag for things like passports, wallets, and anything else essential to the trip.

Keep Kids Stuff Separate

Like your essentials, you want to keep the kids’ materials all in the same place. When your kids want their stuff, the last thing you want is to have to dig through your stuff to find it. Even better, let them carry this bag themselves. This gives them a sense of duty and something to pay attention to while lightening your own load.

By Shitota Yuri


Your child’s entertainment is another essential part of packing. This is another one where you will want to involve your child in the decision-making process. Of course, you want to bring along your child’s favorite electronic games and gadgets. But make sure to mix in some non-tech toys, too. Batteries can die and some situations aren’t the best for playing electronic games.

Pick out some lightweight books and travel board games for other entertainment options. Get a little creative too. Play I-spy with your younger ones in the airport or have the older ones give out airport superlatives. A fun family game is a great way to keep everyone connected.

By Markus Spiske
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