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Dogs are man’s best friend. And best friends travel together, right? So for your cross-country road trip, you need to know where your furry buddy is welcome. There are a lot of hotel chains in the US that offer pet-friendly accommodation, with many requesting an extra fee if your pet pooch is also going to sleep in the room. Some hotel chains go as far as to offer gourmet pet food, pet-sitting services, litter trays, and litter scoops.

So what hotel chains allow dogs? Here are some of the top pet-friendly chains in the US.

By Sarandy Westfall

The Four Seasons

If you need luxury for your pet, the Four Seasons has a reputation for going the extra distance for four-legged companions. Small dogs may receive water bowls and beds so that they won’t feel left out of the five-star experience. Not all locations allow dogs, but the brand has a growing reputation for being the top luxury option for four-legged friends. Many Four Seasons request extra money if your four-legged companion is going to sleep in the room, and this is often a fee of around $75 a night. Some Four Seasons offer a pet-sitting service, pet food, and pet supplies.

General pet rules are that pets must be kept on a leash when walking around the hotel property and are not to be left alone in the room. Owners must contact the concierge service to arrange a time for the room to be cleaned, as the rooms cannot be cleaned when your pet pooch is present.

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La Quinta

If convenience is more your priority, La Quinta fits the bill. With over 800 locations nationwide and a two dog per room with no extra charge policy, La Quinta is well-deserving of a spot on our list. It’s a chain that doesn’t want to separate you from your beloved pooch, that’s for sure. Cats are also allowed in many La Quinta locations. It’s worth remembering that pet policies vary from location to location, and some branches have a pet weight limit. If you’re bringing a cat with you, you’ll have to bring your own litter tray. 

By Adam Grabek

Loews Hotels

Another dog-friendly option, Loews provides a welcome package for Spot that includes a water bowl and treats. Some Loews hotels even offer dog walking, sitting and even spa services if the road has been rough on your companion. Loews Hotels knows that some of you might be traveling light, so some branches can provide you with treats, bowls, and placemats. They can also provide pet beds, litter boxes, scratching posts, and pet toys. Sounds like a true five-star experience for your pet pooch, right!

Other ‘pet perks’ include a “Pet-in-Room” signs for your guest room door, so the hotel’s team know that there’s a pet in the room, a gourmet room service menus for cats and dogs, creature comforts such as specialized bedding, leashes, collars, litter boxes and litter, and litter scoopers. And when it’s time to take your best friend for a walk, the hotel can provide dog-walking route maps, doggie pick-up bags, and connections to the best pet-walking and pet-sitting services in town, alongside recommendations for nearby parks and local pet-friendly cafes and restaurants. It’s truly one of the best pet-friendly hotel chains in the US.

Loews Hotels can only accommodate two pets per room. As with most pet-friendly hotels, the chain requires that pets are up-to-date with their vaccinations and some rooms have an extra charge if there is additional cleaning that needs to be done.

Best Western

With over 1,600 locations worldwide that welcome dogs with open arms, Best Western is a great, pet-friendly go-to option. The maximum charge is around $20 per day and that is good for two dogs (up to 80 lbs) in the same room.

Some of the Best Western pet-friendly hotels offer designated places to walk your dog and waste disposal facilities. Many can provide helpful recommendations on pet-friendly parks, stores, and pet-friendly restaurants.

Many Best Westerns also welcome cats and other small animals, although you will need to check with the individual Best Western before arrival.

Best Western may ask for a maximum charge of $30 per day for each room with a pet or multiple pets, or a maximum charge per week of $150.

By Drew Coffman

If you’re planning a long distance trip and need to find dog-friendly hotels in your stopping locations, check out Pet-Friendly Hotels, a website where you can search pet-friendly hotel options by city. So don’t leave your most loyal companions behind! There are plenty of options out there to make any trip easy on both of you.

As with most pet-friendly hotels, there’s a high fee for room damage.

Check out some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Florida, Chicago, and Boston.

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