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And on the seventh day, God created low hotel booking rates.  According to data collected by an online hotel booking website, Sunday is both the cheapest day to book and a key day to include in your stay. Why?

As far as booking goes, one theory is that Sunday is a day when people are least likely to be on the computer planning out travel. You’re more likely to find trip-planners relaxing or running around with the family. So take advantage and check your favorite hotel search site on Sundays. Your odds of finding a deal will spike.

When do hotel prices drop?
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The data also strongly suggest that you include Sunday night in your stay. Many travelers leave their hotels on Sunday to return to work or they book until Sunday simply because they’re thinking within the parameters of the conventional week regardless of their work schedule. As the hotel clears out during the day on Sunday, hotels drop prices in order to fill vacant rooms.

The booking fundamentals also apply of course. Rates will spike for holidays, while the immediate before and after periods will likely be significantly lower. Pay attention to local events as well. For example, Vegas hotel rates will spike around the largest conventions. So save your party trip for the following weekend.

Aside from the fundamentals, remember that Sunday is your critical day. It’s all about booking when others aren’t.

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When Do Hotel Prices Drop?
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