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If you’re heading on a business trip, planning ahead is key to help things run smoothly. Business trips don’t have to be all work and no play, you can find small ways to see a new place, such as picking a great restaurant or cafe to hold your meetings or hopping in a taxi to see one of the main sights before your plane home.

By Matej Kastelic

Where to Stay?

When selecting accommodation for your business trip, location is everything. Do you need to be near the airport so you can catch an early flight, or do you want to be near to your main meetings in the center of town? If you’re dining with clients you’ll want to be close to some of the best restaurants in the city. You’ll need to think about where is the best location for you. Planning ahead is important to ensure you enjoy the trip both professionally and personally.

By Gabriel Georgescu

Most business travelers prefer to stay in 3 to 5-star hotels It’s better to stay in a hotel as they are easy to check-in to, have all the basics you’ll need, have daily towels and a concierge service. A hotel receptionist can help you arrange transport around your destination so you don’t have to worry about travel. You will have total privacy and can come and go as you please.

Many hotels offer clothes-pressing services, laundry services and have free, speedy WiFi. Hotels also have toiletries, meaning you don’t have to bring your own.

What to Pack?

If possible, it’s always better to travel with cabin baggage only. This means you can board the plane with ease, don’t have to wait to collect your baggage when you arrive and can seamlessly stroll off to your meeting or hotel. If you’re driving or taking the train it’s easier to pick up hand luggage than move around with a suitcase.

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Pack a comfortable outfit to travel, however, if you’re traveling with co-workers, be sure that it’s appropriate (and not your old sweatpants). You’ll need your usual day attire, and if you wear suits and shirts, your hotel will have an iron you can use or a clothes-pressing service.

If you’ve got a long journey, pack earplugs and a sleep mask to get as much shut-eye as possible ahead of your trip. Every hour of sleep counts!

Getting Around

Do your research before traveling. How will you get from the airport or station to your accommodation? Taxi apps are convenient and internet-based, meaning you don’t have to worry about directions. You can also select the option to be charged by card, meaning you don’t have to think about foreign currency or having enough cash on you.

If you’re hiring a car, do your homework and make sure you have the documents you’ll need to secure the hire.

By George Rudy


You’re on business, sure! But it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your destination. Check TripAdvisor for the best restaurants or cafes to try. If you have a business lunch, ‘hit two birds with one stone’ and visit a great restaurant you’d love to try at the same time.

By Ollyy

If you don’t have much time to spare between meetings, try to enjoy your time spent in your accommodation. Whether it’s ordering room service, taking a hot bath or watching a movie, there’s fun to be had with the small luxuries of being in a hotel.

Be Flexible

Traveling can bring up unexpected circumstances. From canceled flights to missed trains and mishaps with hotel bookings, you need to keep calm and be ready to make a new plan. It’s a good idea to always have access the internet internationally, even if the fee is high, as it means you can quickly book a new flight or reserve another hotel online if you need to.

By Yolanda Alemany
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