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Asia is a continent rich in diversity and culture. Nature makes the region a never-ending collage of contrasting lush forests and paradise beaches, with imposing mountains and breathtaking planes. Then there’s the urban side as well of course. You’ll also find metropolitan areas and cities that are home to modern buildings and structures, vibrant nightlife, bustling streets, and rich historic heritage. With some much diversity, how do you prepare your suitcase? We’re here to help with a list of things to pack for a vacation to Asia.

1. Documents and cash are essentials

Some of us get so caught up with clothes and adventure gear that we the core essentials. You’re going nowhere without your passport. And depending on where you’re headed, you will likely run into places where credit cards just don’t cut it. Have some cash on hand either to use or to trade at the currency exchange.  

By Agus Dietrich

2. Remember things that are hard to buy upon arrival

In addition to your passport and some cash, there are some items that simply can’t be left behind. Some to think about are medicines, contact lenses, specific beauty products, etc. No one wants a city-wide drugstore hunt after twenty hours of travel.

By Patrick Coddou

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3. Dress for comfort

As far as clothing, be as minimalistic as possible. Comfort over style is the rule. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to look good, it just means your going to be practical. The weather is mostly hot and humid, so plan accordingly. However, there are places where winter gets pretty cold, so make sure to research weather conditions for your destinations on the dates when you´ll be there. There is also a lot of rain in Asia, so plan ahead for that by having an umbrella or a plastic poncho to cover you and your backpack.

By Sofia Sforza

4. Stay connected, but sensible

To stay connected during your adventures, you might want to think about what your needs are in order to minimize the number of electronics you bring along. An unlocked cell phone is always helpful and practical and should cover your basic communication needs. If you need more versatility, consider conservatively upgrading from there to an iPad or similar, laptop, camera, and camera accessories. You must also think about chargers and adapters. Although you might be able to find them in local stores, they don´t take much space and who knows when you´ll get to buy them once you´re there. Remember to keep your electronics to a minimum. Bare-bones style is the rule!

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5. Better safe than sorry

Finally, there are some security and legal concerns to think about when packing. You want to minimize the risk of uncomfortable questioning and searching. For instance, never carry any kind of weapons as the laws vary between countries. Common sense is the key.

6. Just go!

As said before, the most important thing to pack when traveling to Asia, or anywhere else in the world, is a thirst for adventure and discovery, a relaxed attitude, and an openness to take in the local culture and traditions. With some common sense and proper preparation, the rest will take care of itself.

By Hisu Lee
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