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So you’ve finally bought your tickets for the Newport Jazz Festival. Maybe it’s a birthday gift for your dad who’s a lifetime jazz lover. Maybe it’s a weekend getaway without the kids. Whatever it is, you want to do the father of jazz festivals right. Here are some tips that will help make your experience unforgettable.

Newport Jazz Festival
Photo by Todd Van Hoosear

1. Take advantage of ticket packages

If you’re looking to do the Jazz Festival in style and have the funds to make it happen, the festival’s official travel partner WGBO 88.3 Jazz FM has weekend and day trip packages available. The weekend package offers hotel accommodations, reserved seating, and shuttles to and from the venue. The day trip package offers shuttle service from New York City, Boston and Newark along with general admission seating. Details on weekend packages and day packages.

2. No beer coolers

Both coolers and alcoholic beverages are banned, so leave them at home.

3. Go by water

Hop on one of the ferries that offers service to Fort Adams and get a little Narragansett Bay breeze!

4. Tennis break?

If you want a break from the music, check out the International Tennis Hall of Fame. It’s within just a few blocks of most of the accommodation options.

5. Stay off the road!

Traffic gets pretty bad during festival time, so drive as little as possible. Bike and walk when possible. Most experienced festival-goers highly recommend biking to and from the venue.

6. Wear a hat

Shade is fairly scarce by the main stage and umbrellas are banned in the lawn seating areas.

7. Read up on Newport Jazz Festival history

The value of the event only increases when you understand who gave it such fame. The festival’s official website has a great history page.

8. See the mansions

If you get some free time, check out the nearby historic Newport Mansions. You can even book a tour.

9. Get to know other fans

Given the history of the event, some true jazz experts will be in the audience. Strike up a conversation and see what you can learn.

10. Get the camera ready 

Set up for sunset panorama photos at Fort Adams. The views out over the water shouldn’t be missed.

11. Book ahead

Space at the best hotels will fill up quickly so start searching now and make sure you have a get the best accommodations available. Check out our complete Newport Jazz Festival event guide for our top picks on where to stay.

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