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It has a way of calling you. You’ll be in your office finishing up a meeting and a quick flashback to last summer hiking in Yosemite will send the rest of your city-dweller day crashing into a hopelessly distracted and decidedly unproductive daydream. The walls seem to close in and the traffic on the ride home is nightmarish. For many, a call for an outdoor adventure vacation is a matter of natural instinct. You need the space, the fresh air and the rush that comes with embarking on new adventure vacations. There’s also quite a bit to be said about the simple things in this complicated world of ours.

By Stephanie Kenner

AllTheRooms is about helping you answer that call. We’re here to give you new destination ideas, tips on what to pack, finding the best places to stay and pretty much anything else you might encounter while planning your next adventure into the great outdoors. Whether it’s Yellowstone, Chile’s Atacama Desert or Australia’s Outback we’re here with you to cover the globe and all the far-from-civilization adventures that might call your name.

Why go?

Well, we’ve already touched on the office daydreaming and the need for a little open space in that cramped life of yours, but let’s look at it from a few other angles.

Seeing something new

We’ve all done it. On a flight from New York to Los Angeles, we look down and wonder what’s out there. Is there a fair amount of nothing? Sure. But there are national forest, national parks, canyons, plains and deserts that would blow your mind with their beauty if you only decided to give them a chance. The bottom line is there are wonders you simply won’t find unless you point yourself away from civilization and commit to an adventure. As travel experts, of this we are certain.

By Yanawut Suntornkij

Valuing nature

The environment is at the center of quite a bit of discussion today. What do we protect? What’s essential? What’s disappearing and how fast? It’s hard to participate and much harder to understand the conversation if you’ve never been to explore this world we so frequently talk about. A vacation into the great outdoors can teach you about a disappearing ecosystem or an endangered animal. It can remind you how beautiful the world can be when it’s left untouched. Maybe a trip to a national park will make sense of why a newly-elected Teddy Roosevelt pushed so hard for the preservation of some of America’s most beautiful territories at the beginning of the 20th century.


We understand your phone is important and everyday life demands its frequent use, but isn’t there value in taking a break? Maybe you just need time to think. Maybe the kids will become more talkative when they don’t have Instagram or Snapchat demanding their attention. It sounds cliche, but putting the phone (and other technology) down can help you enjoy important things that often get pushed out in the chaos of everyday life.

By Kristopher Kettner


Who says outdoor adventure can’t be a form of travel leisure. The fresh air, sunshine and some beautiful views can do a lot to help you relax and cut stress out of your life. Whether it’s a desert spa or glamping in the woods, don’t think that the great outdoors can be enjoyed in comfort.

Where to go?

This a hard question in the best way. The answers are limitless. Depending on where you are in the world and how far you’re willing to travel you can set yourself up for a wide range of outdoor excursions. It could be a trip to the Brazilian Amazon, tackling peaks in New Zealand, scuba diving in the Red Sea, or riding a camel across the desert in Morocco. Pick the type of outdoors that intrigues you most and go for it.

By Gokhan Bozkaya

And what if you’re in the U.S. and a trip across the globe isn’t on the table? Fear not, as a trip to a natural wonder might not be as far away as you think. Head to the Grand Canyon, hike the Appalachian trail, ski in the Rockies, hike Yosemite, take an airboat through the Louisiana Bayou or, if you’re really up for the full experience, drive cross-country and hit as many national parks as possible along the way. The beaten path is beaten. There are plenty of others.

Where to stay?

We’re a travel website, but our specialty is accommodations at the end of the day. That means not only are we interested in helping with the inspiration and planning of your next adventure, we’re interested in helping you find the perfect place(s) to stay while you’re out there exploring. What makes us so good at that is the fact that our accommodations search engine shows you all types of rooms, not just hotels. So maybe there’s a cabin Airbnb deep in the Canadian woods. Maybe there’s a mountaintop hostel in Nepal. Maybe it’s a private island in the Philippines. We cover everything, so no many how far out you get, we’ll help you find a great place to rest your head.

But that’s enough chatter from our end. The great outdoors is calling.

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