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Amsterdam Gay Pride is weeklong chaotic party packed with events. With Pride comes serious crowds. So how do you manage it all while still leaving time to join the crowd and have fun? We have a few ideas to help you get the most out of your week.

Amsterdam Gay Pride
Photo by Carolina Georgatou

1. Stay in the center (if you can afford it).

Staying in Amsterdam’s center puts you within striking distance of the major events and makes the walk back home after hitting the bars a little easier. However, hotels in the center will hit your wallet hard so decide where you draw the line for prices. Check out our accommodation suggestions in the Amsterdam Gay Pride Event Guide.

2. Get a GVB public transportation temporary pass.

All of the crowds and traffic will make you want to stay out of taxis. The metro is the best way to explore the city and purchasing a pass is the best way to use the metro.

3. Don’t hold back on your wardrobe

Amsterdam Gay Pride (like most gay pride events) isn’t exactly conservative when it comes to clothing choices. So wear literally whatever you want.

Amsterdam Gay Pride
Photo by Carolina Georgatou

4. Don’t miss the canal parade

The grand spectacle of Amsterdam Gay Pride is the water parade at the end of the week. Bring your camera because it’s quite the scene.

5. Pacing is key   

Remember that the event is all week. Save some energy for the big events at the end. Know when to take a quick timeout from the party to recharge.

6. It’s not all partying

Hit the bars and all that, but don’t forget about the invited speakers, open-air cinema, and sporting events.

7. Get to the canal early!

On parade day, crowds line the water. You want to arrive early and reserve your place so you get the best view. Magere Brug is a small bridge the crosses the canal and offers one of the best views.

8. Don’t wait on accommodations

Hotels fill up fast so book sooner than later. It’s common for festival goers to get stuck far from the center and away from the action.

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