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Remember how exciting it was playing in a treehouse when you were a kid? It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and stay in an awesome treehouse for your next vacation. From volcano-side houses in the trees in Hawaii to cabins above the jungle canopy in Bali, we’ve rounded up the six coolest Airbnb treehouses that you can rent.

1. Rustic Treehouse, Hawaii

Top airbnb treehouses
Photo by Mahinui

This incredible Hawaiian treehouse is located by Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. The treehouse can sleep up to two people and is built on two levels. It features a rustic design, with a cozy living room, outdoor shower and hot tub. It was originally designed to be a honeymoon vacation destination and is super romantic. So why not book a surprise trip there for your significant other?

2. Intown Treehouse, Georgia

Best airbnb treehouses
Photo by Katie

The InTown Treehouse. is located in Atlanta, Georgia right by downtown. Don’t be put off by its urban location, however, as it in was voted Airbnb’s ‘most wish-listed item’ in 2016. The treehouse features a stunning design (made from recycled materials) with three separate rooms that are connected by wooden bridges that stretch between the trees. It makes a super relaxing vacation, and the lounge area comes complete with atmospheric fairy lights and a hammock.

3. Bamboo Treehouse, Bali

airbnb treehouses
Photo by Artem

This incredible Rumah Pohon Treehouse is located in a dense, tropical rainforest in Bali. You’ll wake up literally above the trees to a panoramic view of the jungle and the sea. The treehouse can sleep up to two guests in a rustic bedroom that has the bare essentials, but you can request to have extra guests sleeping in a hammock or a floor mattress at an additional cost.

4. TreeHouse Point, Seattle

airbnb treehouses
Photo by TreeHouse Point

TreeHouse Point is located just outside of Seattle. There are six separate treehouses on site that offer great views of the surrounding woodland. The cabins feature a chic, rustic design and each cabin has its own bedroom, heating and electricity. There’s a shared bathroom for guests. TreeHouse Point is one of the top cabin spots in America and it gets booked up quickly, so be sure to try to book your dates well in advance (in some cases a year in advance). 

5. Rainforest Treehouse, Costa Rica

Best airbnb treehouses
Photo by Kathy

This incredible rainforest treehouse is located in Cooper, Costa Rica. The treehouse has been built from natural materials so it’s perfectly integrated into the 35 acres of rainforest at the Bio Thermales natural resort. Guests can enjoy free access to twelve of the natural hot and cool springs pools of various temperatures located throughout the resort. The springs are said to be healing and are full of calcium and magnesium but low in smelly sulfur. The treehouse is perched high in the rainforest canopy and features screened areas to make sure there’s a good breeze. 

6. Aromantica Treehouse, Italy

Top airbnb treehouses
Photo by Mauro

The Aromantic Treehouse is located in Monferrato, Italy. It’s a stunning suspended cabin that has panoramic views of the rolling Italian hills. Guests can access an 18,000 square meter garden with majestic cedar trees, stunning flowers and a swimming pool, where you can take a dip during a hot afternoon.

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