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There are many renaissance festivals around the world, but few that put on a production like the Arizona Renaissance Festival. From the jousters to the rides, the Medieval marketplace to the food, this is a festival you don’t want to miss. Not to mention, world-record performers and the largest selection of entertainment of any Renaissance fair, ever.

Arizona Renaissance Festival will take place every weekend from February 9th to March 31st this year at the Arizona Renaissance Fairgrounds near the Superstition Mountains. Be transported back to the 16th century in every way imaginable. Over 2,000 performers will parade around in full costume, helping you acclimate to renaissance life. If that doesn’t do it, the food certainly will. It’s no wonder the fair has deemed itself the greatest party since Camelot. (Alprazolam)  See what amazing things the Arizona Renaissance Festival has to offer.

arizona renaissance festival
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Arizona Renaissance Festival provides massive, non-stop, completely engaging entertainment that will be disbursed across fourteen stages. Mythical heroes, dragons, knights, and kings will frolic around the fairgrounds. Participants will have access to a theatre, outdoor circus, rides, art fair, and activities for every age all in a single visit. Performers will amaze audiences with their superpowers, including nine-time Guinness Book of World Records holder, Adam Crack, The Whipmaster. Not to mention, the gymnasts, mermaids, jugglers, musicians, comedians, fire workers, and gypsies. This fair has a full lineup of entertainment for everyone.

arizona renaissance festival
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The is no renaissance fair without jousting, and Arizona Renaissance Festival has plenty. Head to the King’s Arena for three times daily jousting tournaments. Knights on horseback will fight in a multi-part and realistic reenactment of jousting to the death. You won’t want to miss this powerful display of chivalry and honor.

Games & Rides

The Festival has games and rides that your entire family will enjoy. Create something special at the arts and crafts fair, test your bow and arrow skills, join in the castle paintball battle, or take a ride of one of many justly-themed fair rides, like the catapult, The Piccolo Pony, or DaVinci’s Flying Machine. Arizona Renaissance Festival is, by far, the most interactive fair that you’ll come across.

arizona renaissance festival
Photo by marksontok

Medieval Marketplace

Over 200 artisan and handcraft shops await you at the marketplace. Find glassblowing, pottery, blacksmiths, leatherwork, woodcarving, candle making and more. Stock up on essential oils, swords, tapestries, and clothing. Everything is made by merchants and everything will be available to purchase.


The Cottage Bakery, Cappuccino Inn, and Chocolate Shoppe are just a few of the shops you’ll find with mouthwatering goods for your eating pleasure. Every fair food and renaissance food you can imagine will be at the fair (yes, even turkey legs). For a truly authentic experience, grab a seat at The Pleasure Feast, where you’ll enjoy a five-course meal with plenty of drinks, entertainment, souvenirs, and fun to go around.

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