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Where have all the rooms gone?

The top seven Airbnb countries offer more than 57 percent of the total number of Airbnb units available worldwide. So, what do Airbnb listings, or “units,” include?

– Entire homes/apartments. Featuring 1-10+ bedrooms. One room can be your dance studio; one, your meditation space; one, the kids’ playroom; one, where all the luggage lives…

– Private rooms. Admittedly less space for dancing, but still, if you close the door to your room, you can wear footed jammies with bunnies on them to bed and no one will point and make fun

– Shared rooms. Still have that quirky habit of singing old ’80s songs in your sleep? You might wanna avoid this option…

By Brian Babb

Some people have a favorite go-to unit type that they opt for each time — do you? Some try a little of each, depending on where they’re going — or just for the sake of the experience. You’ll find the largest number of listings in the “entire homes/apartments” category, which claims the majority of units by a healthy margin. More than 1.1 million of these are listed worldwide — out of more than 1.6 million Airbnb units total.

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Want more? First, a little quiz:

Q: Which is the only country larger in total area than the contiguous United States, but smaller than the US when Alaska and Hawaii are included?

A: Yep, you guessed it — Brazil!

What’s maybe surprising? Big, beautiful Brazil features less than three percent of the total number of Airbnb units offered globally. Which country tops the list with the most Airbnb units? Yeah, okay, so we kind of gave it away… It’s the good old U. S. of A., with almost 17 percent.

The 7 Top Countries for Airbnb

Fun fact: Brazil is ranked #7 of Airbnb countries based on the number of units offered, but it has the distinction of offering more shared rooms than Italy, which is ranked #3. Also: Brazil, the UK, and Germany offer roughly the same number of entire homes/apartments, with Germany topping the list and Brazil at the bottom.

The Top 7 Airbnb Countries Based on Number of Units

7. Brazil


6. Germany 


5. United Kingdom

4. Spain


3. Italy 


2. France


1. United States of America


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