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Germantown, Maryland, is a bustling suburb close to stunning national parks, quaint villages, golf courses, lakes, and shopping centers. It’s a great place for a family vacation in the United States and has something for everyone. Whether you want to watch a music performance, splash around in fresh creek waters or go on adrenaline-pumping slides at a waterpark, here are the best things to do in Germantown, MD.

1. Explore Seneca Creek State Park

Nature lovers are in for a treat! The Seneca Creek State Park covers over 6,000 acres with 14 miles of Seneca Creek running through the center of the park. It’s a favorite spot for boating, fishing, swimming, or having a picnic by the creek. The park is heavily forested, and you can escape the glaring summer sun in the cooling shade of the trees or take a dip in the creek’s refreshing waters. There are also excellent hiking trails through the park and the option to go horse riding. If you want to truly embrace mother nature while in Germantown, why not consider staying in one of Maryland’s best budget cabins?

By State Parks | Seneca Creek

2. Catch a Show at the Blackrock Center for the Arts

The Blackrock Center for the Arts is a great place to watch shows and performances. It’s a community-based center offering music, free gallery exhibitions, and arts education classes. It draws tens of thousands of people a year who come to see music artists from all over the world, with regular pop, jazz, rock, blues, folk, and classical music concerts. 

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3. Take a Dip in Gunners Lake

If you’re visiting Germantown in summer, head to Gunners Lake for a refreshing dip. The lake is thought of by residents as ‘an oasis in the middle if Germantown’ and you can walk, jog, or cycle around the Gunners Lake Loop, soaking in the view. The lake is surrounded by vegetation, and you can see wild strawberries, honeysuckle, wildflowers, and several different bird species.

By artahermes | Flickr

4. Visit Bohrer Water Park

If you want an adrenaline fix for yourself, or just a fun day out with the kids, head to the water park located in Bohrer Park. The park has a tropical-themed main pool, several slides with sharp twists and turns, splash pools, and inflatable animals. If you want a break from the water, sit in the shade at the picnic area or order something from the bar.

By Bohrer Water Park | Pinterest

5. Shop ‘Till You Drop

Germantown is home to several large shopping centers, including Clopper Mill Village, Neillsville Village, and Kingsview Village Center. All are home to excellent shopping, from main brands through to boutique stores, restaurants, and cafes.

6. Stroll Around Lancaster County Dutch Market

Lancaster County Dutch Market is a farmer-style market, offering fresh fruits and vegetables, locally made cheeses, honey, meats, and baked goods. It’s a brilliant place for picking up gifts, or simply just stroll around sampling the food stalls. Be sure to find the pumpkin roll stall or the pretzel stall, which offers pretzels in a whole range of flavors.

By Free-Photos | Pixabay

7. Hike in the Black Hill Regional Park

Black Hill Regional Park is a beautiful space, home to grassy areas, covered pavilions, picnic tables, a kid’s playground, a lake with kayak options, and hiking trails. If you want to do some serious walking, go on one of the more challenging hiking trails, which will have you scrambling over rocks and working up an appetite.

By goodhike | Flickr

8. Visit Old Town Gaithersburg

If you like history and want to take a step back in the past, head to Old Town Gaithersburg, which is made up of Summit Street and Diamond Avenue. You’ll see period architecture and well-preserved old-fashioned drug store with a lunch counter. You can hop on a small commuter train station and go for a ride around some parts of Germantown, MD. Be sure to get off and visit the Old Town Museum, where you can find out more about the history of the area. 

By Visit Montgomery

9. Watch a Play at the Arts Barn Theatre

The Arts Barn Theatre is a small theatre with performances ranging from musicals to comedies, monologues, magic shows, and pantomime. As it’s a small, intimate theatre, you’ll have a perfect view of the stage.

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