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There are few joys greater than the birth of your little one, and fewer things that require more drastic changes to your personal life. Yes, you’ll need to make some sacrifices after the birth of your baby, but travel doesn’t have to be one of them. You’ll just need to plan travel a bit differently and with your baby in mind.

To help out, we’ve rounded up a list of the best destinations in Asia for traveling with your baby. Let the adventures continue!

1. Thailand

baby-friendly travel destinations in asia
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The locals are known for their hospitality towards tourists, especially the ones with toddlers in tow. From the scenic islands of Phuket to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Thailand has something for each member of the family. There are plenty of activities to participate in, including snorkeling and island hopping.

Siam Ocean World (Bangkok) Surrounded by the wondrous creatures of the ocean, this large aquarium is definitely a must see for toddlers. Children can ride along in glass-bottomed boats and feed fish and explore the Nursery Centre at Bangkok’s Ocean World.

Children’s Discovery Museum (Bangkok) This hands-on learning Museum for your young ones requires a whole day out of your schedule. Your toddler will want enough of time with the interactive displays. There is also an outdoor playground which has a fountain area for your little ones to cool off after all the fun and activities.

Maesa Elephant Camp (Chiang Mai) Your toddlers can have plenty of fun with the elephants at this camp. Founded mainly for rearing these large mammals, the camp hosts various activities for the family. Kids can learn a lot about the massive creatures and can pay a visit to the nursery and feed the little elephants.

2. Bali

baby-friendly travel destinations in asia
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Commonly known as a honeymoon destination, Bali is actually a toddler-friendly vacation spot as well. Bali has plenty of beaches where your little one can surf on the tides rolling in. In addition to waterparks, there is a butterfly park and a safari with exotic animals at their marine park.

Waterbom Bali This water park has plenty of slides along with a lazy river for you to spend valuable vacation time with your toddler. A whole section of the park is dedicated to your toddler. “Funtastic” gives your kids enough liberty to explore the child – friendly rides and pools.

Ubud’s Monkey Forest Carry a few dozen bananas into this maze where monkeys and kids are allowed to move around freely. Do keep a watchful eye on your little one, while they explore natural reserve along with the temple.

Bali’s Safari and Marine Park There are plenty of animals to view and pet in and around the park. You and your little toddlers can also take a safari around the park, on the elephants. After exploring the different species of animals there is a water park to cool off and relax while your toddler splashes around in the pool.

3. Malaysia

baby-friendly travel destinations in asia
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Home to the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur has monuments, amusement parks and a National Science Centre for your little one to explore. There are plenty of beaches for relaxing where your toddler can play in the sand and build castles. A close distance away is the picturesque island of Langkawi. Here one can find plenty of mangrove forests to delve into as well as a huge aquarium your kid will definitely enjoy.

KidZania (Kuala Lumpur) This is an indoor family entertainment and educational center. The interactive role-playing activities are designed to teach your children different types of professions. From a pilot to a dentist, your child learns how these work through actual hands-on experience.

Legoland Water Park (Johor) The Legoland will be a dreamland for your little one. From finding lost treasures to collecting legos and building their own floatable lego boats, Legoland is favorite among toddlers. There are rides, slides, and shows to keep them entertained throughout the day.

Oriental Village (Langkawi Island) With the outdoor shopping complex for the parents and the orbiting “Zorbs” for the kids, the Oriental Village is a little paradise tucked away in Malaysia. Parents can spend some valuable time with their children exploring the island through the famous SkyCab.

4. Singapore

baby-friendly travel destinations in asia
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This highly modern, child-friendly destination has numerous adventures for the family to enjoy. There are botanical gardens, bird sanctuaries as well as water parks. Sentosa Island is an attractive island situated to the south of Singapore where the famous Universal Studios is located. There is a butterfly park as well as a dolphin lagoon on the island. The list of activities one can enjoy in Singapore are endless. Therefore, it is best to take some time to plan, because you surely would not like to miss any attraction your little one would love.

Universal Studios (Sentosa) This theme park requires a whole day and more for exploration. There are plenty of toddler-friendly rides. There are shows throughout the day, and some of the highlights include the Hollywood Dreams Parade and the fireworks at Lake Hollywood Spectacular. Your kids can also take pictures with the Minions and characters from the famous film, Madagascar.

Jurong Bird Park This bird sanctuary will be a definite hit with your toddler. Your child will be able to see some of the biggest birds and largest variety all in one day. Your little one can also get up close and personal with these winged creatures through the daily feeding sessions. There is a Penguin Coast, Flamingo Lake, and Pelican Cove to add to the list of adventures for the day.

River Safari Themed around the world’s famous rivers, this park has the world’s largest collection of freshwater creatures. Your toddler can mosey along and have a look at the Panda Forest, Beaver Homes as well as the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

5. Hong Kong

48-hour Hong Kong Itinerary
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Known for its excellent transportation system, Hong Kong is definitely a country to tag your kids along on a vacation. Disneyland and the Ocean Park are famous, child-friendly attractions. A visit to the Big Buddha is also a great way to get a bit of culture on the trip. Take the ferry or the Hong Kong “junk” to have a visual of this modern city.

Disneyland (Lantau Island) This is a whole day of fun and adventure for your little one. The most famous attractions include the rides at Dumbo and Toy Storyland. Their favorite characters are also available for pictures throughout the park. You can end the evening with the beautiful fireworks that light up the sky.

Ocean Park From bouncing castles to the Amazing Bird Theatre, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is a must see when visiting. There are plenty of exciting carousels, train rides and fascinating castles for your little one to explore. Make sure you mark a day for this experience.

Hong Kong Science Museum (Tsim Sha Tsui East) With over 500 exhibits, this is definitely something that will keep your toddler occupied for most of the day. A famous attraction at the museum is the energy machine which is the tallest, biggest and in general the largest one in the world. The generation of energy is a fascinating and an educational experience for your little one.

Plan your big vacation and take your baby with you.  It makes them more adaptable to various modes of transportation, gives them a taste for different flavors and promotes tolerance for new cultures. Plus, it might just be what you and your tiny tots require to unwind.

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Toddler-Friendly Vacation Destinations In Asia
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