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Albanians nod their heads to say “no” and shake their heads to say “yes”. Aside from being an extremely confusing adjustment for foreigners arriving in the Eastern European country, it’s somewhat of a metaphor for the country’s reputation among western travelers. We don’t typically think of Albania as a garden spot. Our thoughts probably head more along the lines of cloudy weather, track suits and the country’s bold breaking of ties with the Soviet Union in the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Now do a quick google image search and tell us if that matches your expectations. Weren’t expecting turquoise water, rolling green hills and quaint villages of red-roofed stone homes were you? If your interest is peaked (ours is if you can’t tell), why not check out what the country has to offer on the Airbnb front? With that, here are the top surprisingly beautiful Airbnbs in Albania.

Villa Amantia, Vlorë

Best airbnb to stay in Albania
Photo by Hanne

You probably never pictured yourself staying in an Albanian stone villa overlooking the Adriatic Sea did you? Well, here you go. This five-bedroom villa is located in the city of Vlorë, which is the third-largest city in Albania and is famous for its beautiful coastline. Where better to take in that famous coastline than from a villa in the hills?

County Guesthouse, Shpella

Best airbnb to stay in Albania
Photo by Gjon

And what about the country? This picturesque guesthouse located in the rural village of Shpella will have you waking up to views of the striking stone peaks that surround the village, and a quick walk to the village will give you a front row seat to life in the Albanian countryside. The house itself looks fit for a postcard.

Modern Apartment in the Capital, Tirana

Where to stay in Albania
Photo by Amela

Just to show that it’s not all rustic stone houses, this one-bedroom apartment in the Myslym Shyri street in Tirana is an excellent base for exploring Albania’s capital. Hardwood floors, marble counters and a terrace that looks out on the street make it the total package.

Ocean View Penthouse Apartment, Golem

Airbnbs in Albania
Photo by Resort Qerret

Forty minutes west of the capital you’ll find the coastal town of Golem, which is a great spot to experience Albania’s beautiful coast. In Golem, right on the beach, you’ll find this sweet penthouse. Two bedrooms, a large terrace area, and views out over that turquoise water that we just can’t get enough of makes a great combo. The host says there’s room for six.

Romantic Bed and Breakfast, Himarë

Where to stay in Albania
Photo by Arian

We saved this one for the couples because it just screams romantic vacation. Nobody can bother you in Albania, right? This bed and breakfast in the coastal city of Hamarë offers charming rooms and a deck area that looks out over the Adriatic. We can see the sun setting now.

Waterfront Apartment, Sarandë

Best airbnb to stay in Albania
Photo by Vana

Harande is a small resort city in southern Albania on the Ionian Sea and this one-bedroom apartment is one of its gems. You can go down and stroll along the water under the palm trees, hit the beach, or just take in the view from the apartment itself. Hard to go wrong here.

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