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While travel to the Netherlands conjures up images of tulip fields, windmills and the winding canals of Amsterdam, the country actually has tons of great beaches where you can relax. Some of the main cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are surprisingly close to some awesome beaches.

We’ve rounded up the best beaches in the Netherlands, so you can make your Dutch trip a little different. From peaceful sand dune beaches through to classic seaside resorts, here’s our selection of the top beaches in the Netherlands:

1. Scheveningen Beach, The Hague

Up first is Scheveningen Beach located in the Hague. This sandy beach, home to the country’s most famous resort, is packed during the weekends and weekdays in the summer months. The beach has all the classics you’d like to see at a seaside resort, including a pier, a lighthouse, sea-life museum, and tons of restaurants and bars. The beach gets a lot of wind, so if you’re into watersports you can also try your hand at a spot of windsurfing and kiteboarding.

2. Texel Beach, Wadden Islands

Texel Beach is located on a Dutch-owned Wadden Islands in the Wadden Sea, just a few kilometers off the coast of Northern Holland. The beach is made up of stunning gold sand dunes, with cute blue and white beach houses. It has a sleepy atmosphere and draws a local crowd. When you want a break from the beach, there are several pleasant villages that you can cycle to and grab some lunch. Texel Beach is just a 20-minute boat ride from Dan Helder, making it really easy to get to. 

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3. Ameland Beach, Wadden Islands

Ameland Beach is also located on the Wadden Islands. Like Texel Beach, Ameland Beach is made up of sand dunes, green shrubbery and quaint beach houses. If you’re into sports, the beach is home to the annual Rugby Festival every June. It also receives its fair share of wind, so bring a kite!

4. Zandvoort aan Zee Beach, Zandvoort

Zandvoort aan Zee beach is super close to Amsterdam, at around thirty minutes by train. The coastline is part of the Zuid-Kennemerland national park, that is made up of lush forests, rocky coves and sandy beaches. The beach is a popular day trip spot during the summer months. If you can, it’s better to visit the beach during the weekday for a more peaceful experience.

5. Domburg Beach, Zeeland

Domburg Beach is the oldest seaside resort in Zeeland. The beach has a large sandy bay that has been a top vacation spot since the mid-18th century. It’s super clean and is a great spot for families thanks to its easy access. The beach has sand dunes, green shrubbery and boardwalks. It’s an incredibly picturesque location, with tons of beach pavilions and cabins dotted across the beach. 

6. Hook van Holland Beach, Hoek

Hoek of Holland Beach, which is near Rotterdam, is a wide, sandy beach that’s a popular summertime vacation spot. There are several hotels near to the beach, delicious restaurants and great watersports facilities.

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