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It’s never too early to start planning for summer. The season will come up again before you know it, and you need to make sure you have plans the whole family will love and remember forever. From extreme sports to wandering cities to the adventure of a lifetime, the United States has everything you need for the best vacation. We’ve come up with the top summer bucket list destinations in the USA to help you out.

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1. Wander Around Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This one should be on any bucket list. The Grand Canyon is one of the U.S’s top destinations, offering stunning views of layers upon layers of red rock tunneling down below into the canyon in the Arizona desert. Take a horse ride up the steep and narrow Bright Angel Trail or take in a once-in-a-lifetime sunset view from the North Rim. Hot? Take a dip in the vibrantly blue waters of Havasu Falls. And, if you’re not afraid of heights, check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Don’t forget to visit the Grand Canyon Village while you’re in the park, either.

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2. Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah

If you’re into extreme sports, you have to check out the mountain biking (and general scenery) at Moab in Utah, commonly known in the biking community as the mountain biking capital of the USA. Moab is a mountain area in the eastern part of the state, close to Colorado. It’s trails, rock formations, mountains, and canyons are made up of colorful red rocks. The biking trails here are so famous that visitors come from around the world just to try it out. The most popular trails are Porcupine Rim, Poison Spider, Slickrock, and the Whole Enchilada. While Moab should 100% be on your travel bucket list, watch out for the rising temperatures in the desert heat during the summer months.

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3. Catch the Northern Lights in  Denali National Park, Alaska

We know. “Alaska” brings up an image of snow and cold weather, sending a chill down your spine. However, Alaska in the summer months is not the arctic landscape you might have made it out to be. This is good news for those looking to escape the cold during the summer. Plus, the summer is the best time to head up to Denali National Park for the Northern Lights. The spectacular show paints the night sky in swirling greens, blues, and purples for a spectacle your eyes won’t even believe. The Northern Lights can appear as early in as late August, making it a great way to end your summer. While in Denali National Park, venture out to the hiking trails, picnic spots, lakes, and of course, stunning views.

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4. Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys, Florida

If you thought you’d have to travel far to get to clear, blue coral reefs, you thought wrong. The Florida Keys, right in the United States, are home to world-famous coral reefs, and of course, world-class scuba diving to explore them. Check out the dives at Islamorada, located between Key Largo and Key West. Islamorada Dive Center holds excursions to take you to one of over 40 dive sites to see the sea life in their natural habitat. Some of their best sites include Eagle Wreck, Hens and Chickens Reef, and Davis Reef.

By National Marine Sanctuaries

5. Explore the Museums of Washington, DC

For a peaceful, yet high-class city experience, take the fam to Washington, DC. The U.S capital city is full of family-friendly and engaging things to do and is certainly a place you should visit at least once in your life. Make your way to the White House or Capitol Hill to learn about democracy. Stroll along the National Mall where you’ll find all the Smithsonian Museums and the best monuments. DC draws in millions of visitors each year for the exciting museums and of course, to see the country’s capital.

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6. Road Trip Across the USA

The U.S is filled with so many incredible sights and sounds, it’s impossible to list them all. From the colonial homes and hills of New England to the streets of cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, to the charm of the South, the plains of the Midwest, and the massive national parks out West. A road trip through the continental United States is truly the best way to see them all, plus the sights you didn’t think you’d see can be found along the way. Plan your trip around famous routes like the Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, or the Blue Ridge Parkway, to name a few.

By National Parks Conservation Association

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