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So you’re passionate about sports and are going on a pilgrimage to see your favorite team play? Maybe you’re heading to see the World Cup in Russia, or going to Wimbledon in London or watching the Super Bowl in the United States. When traveling to see sports, there are a few things you need to consider, from getting your hands on tickets in advance through to picking your accommodation. Luckily, AllTheRooms has you covered, so you only need to concentrate on packing your team’s colors.

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It can be challenging to get tickets for most major sporting events, so it’s a good idea to always be sure you have a ticket before traveling to the event’s destination. For example, with the World Cup, you have to pre-register to be given an official ID, which is linked to your match tickets. This means it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to get tickets for matches on the day. For smaller sporting events, do your research. For some events, you can try to get tickets on the door or buy from touts on the day.

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Always make sure you are purchasing your tickets from a legitimate source. There are many scammers trying to steal your money with realistic-looking counterfeit tickets. If you weren’t able to get your ticket in time through official means, try authentic reselling sites such as Stubhub, which guarantee your money back if the ticket turns out to be fake.

How to Get to Sports Events

In most cases, it’s easy to take public transport to sporting events. This is because it’s normal for the roads surrounding venues to be closed, meaning driving or taking a taxi can be complicated. There’s also a lot of traffic on the surrounding roads due to the sheer number of people attending sporting events and it can be near-impossible to find a place to park. If the city you’re in has good public transport, always opt to take metros, trains, and buses to the event. Plus, as you get nearer to the venue the atmosphere on public transport can be electric, with fans getting more and more excited for the approaching event.

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Flights, trains and long-distance buses to sporting event destinations get full really quickly, and prices can surge. Book the travel to your destination as soon as you possibly can to avoid astronomical prices or complicated travel routes.

Where to Stay

When traveling to a city to see sports, it can be nice to also explore some of the city itself. Base yourself in a central location, so you can do a bit of wandering around when you’re not at sporting events. Make sure your accommodation is in close proximity to public transport so you can get around easily.

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Accommodation prices surge during sporting events, so try to book something as far in advance as you can. If the prices of hotels exceed your budget, opt for a home rental or rent a room. AllTheRooms has every type of accommodation you could possibly want, and you can select your maximum budget and preferred amenities with our filters.

How to Celebrate

If your team is victorious, you’ll be wanting to celebrate! Remember passions run high during sporting events, and if your favorite team loses, it can be quite heartbreaking. Have compassion for the event’s fans and celebrate any victory respectfully. If your team loses, don’t be offensive. Drink sensibly, and avoid scuffles with the opposing team’s fans.

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What to Bring

For some of the world’s major sporting events, there are many restrictions on what can be taken into a venue. Check on the venue’s website in advance to see what you can or can’t take in. Most major sporting events don’t allow food and drink in from outside. Prices can be very high at the events, so try to eat a hearty meal beforehand.

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